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destinationweddingJune 24, 2009

My fiance isn't very close to his stepfather. He has been married to his mom for almost 2yrs. At our reception does he have to be introduced as stepfather of the groom? Can it be Jane Doe, mother of the groom, escorted by her husband John Doe?

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In my opinion (I could be wrong):

He is technically a stepfather if they are married, and he should be introduced as such. They don't have to be close. Some pople aren't that close to their bioparents or biosiblings yet they would be introduced as mom, dad, brother etc. For example you would not introduce your sister whom you aren't very close: this is a daughter of my parents.

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You can introduce him however you want.
If you and FDH are more comfortable with "Jane Doe, mother of the groom, escorted by her husband John Doe" then go for it.

FDH is obviously an adult, and SF has only been married to Mom for 2 years... So he likely doesn't have a "father" role.
I think it's fine to do it the way you suggested.

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My stepson has introduced me as his mom's husband, I think that's fair enough since I've only known him as an adult.

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I introduced my mom's hubby as her husband, not as my stepfather. I am 28 and they have been married 2 yrs.

I don't really consider him my stepfather---just her husband. I don't think HE even considers himself my stepfather. Anytime I introduce him to people I say "this is my mom's husband, _____."

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If the relationship is not there, it could be awkward for both sides. This is my dad and his wife Jane. This is my mom and her husband John. How can they be offended? they are the husband or wife of the parent.

My wedding invitation read:

Ms.Jane Doe


Mr. & Mrs. John Doe

Request the honor ... etc.

It all depends on what everyone is comfortable using. I wouldn't change it just for the wedding. If you wouldn't say it any other time, why stress out over it for the wedding. There are plenty of other things to stress over... like matching shades perfectly!

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Actually, I think your idea sounds better. Or you could just skip the introductions completely, which is what I did.

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