Making a pool mosaic

zookeeper93July 31, 2008

Hello All,

First time here. I have a question I could not find in the archives.

We are builing a pool. On one seat in the grotto, I wanted to put a mosaic but I have not found what I like in the pool mosaics that can be purchased.

So, being a DIYer of sorts, I was wondering if I could make my own. My pattern is a very simple one of a frog outline like you were looking down on it. The body is broken up by a little band and some small diamonds. I have a lot of tatavera pottery so was going to use coordinating colors.

Is there a different process for tile that would be underwater? Or certain types of tile? It would go on the edge of a seat if I go this diretion.

The other pattern I have is the Texas Longhorn logo and was thinking about doing it orange tiles that varied in tone/color. It would be larger, like 11 inches end to end and go in the middle of the seat.

Is this too complicated a process for underwater? I am familiar with countertop/floor etc tile installation, if that helps. I am currently building our own outdoor island for our grill/entertaining. Tile, cultured rock & stucco.

Any advise appreciated

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We had mosaics put in our pool before I was into this art, so I didn't watch as closely as I should have, but the concrete was poured, then the mosaic folks put our mosaics and then the marcite was poured after the mosaics were layed on the concrete.

We love our sea turtles going down our steps, and then 3D dolphin in the center. IT looks like he is swimming when you look down. I believe the mosaics were on mesh but I can't be certain. I would think any kind of tile that is rated for underwater, like pool tiles would work.

IF you decide to do this, please take pix. I now wish I would have put more in our pool. I couldn't find a pix of when they put the mosaics down, but here they are when finished

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I see nothing wrong with you doing it yourself. Please do not use the Talavera tile as it is not rated for outdoors, much less underwater. Use porcelain tile and thinset that will hold up underwater. Do your mosaic on fiberglass mesh and then adhere it to the pool surface. Grout with thinset. Hope this helps. Try a google search for pool mosaics and maybe you can get more info.

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I did this with my pool. Nothing fancy like what you are planning but I used the river rock tiles we were using for step demarcation to make some flowers on the seat/swimout in the deep end. My PB ended up just having me place them in the plaster where I wanted them and then the plaster guys pushed them into the plaster and finished off around them. I too thought they had to adhere to the concrete first but not for me. For something more representational I would definitely glue to mesh then have the PB install it just like the ones you can purchase. I'm now using the left over stone tiles to make a table. My first mosiac project. Have fun!

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Thank You all for your suggestions. My other half pleaded with me not to start another project until the bbq island was finished. While I thought he would love the longhorn idea in the pool, it was met with luke warm reception. I will have to do one somewhere else.

Even if I started today, I do not think I could get one done before the plaster. The art does intreige me so perhaps I will get to it.

I have a lot of broken glass that is very old and we found some really cool colors. I want to press it to a lamp one of these days.

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