Chinese wine safety?

teryaki(z5B NE OHIO)August 20, 2006

Hey all. Knowing how patently unsafe a lot of products from China are in contents of lead, asenic, and other nasty stuff, I'm wondering; does anyone responsible screen chinese wines?

The question's prompted by the wolfberry wine that's coming out of there; I can't find it from any more responsible countries, and I'm always curious in fruit wines.

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It is an absolute disgrace the FDA does not make it a law that the contents be listed of every bottle of wine. No one knows what these
imported wines, and even domestic wines contain. Personally, the only
way I can tell how pure a wine is, is by the way I feel the next day. The
purer the wine, the less chemcials in it, and I don't even know I have had
anything to drink the night before.

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