nicethymeJuly 31, 2009

I have always wanted to try leaf casting

so here I have coated the back of a paulownia leaf with concrete patch, reinforced the edges with drywall tape and added anoth layer of patch on the edges. Now I covered the whole back with drywall tape and start troweling on the sand/portland mix

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finish that layer and brush it with a wet paint brush to smooth it

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so I wrapped it up for 3 days, then let it cure for a week and painted it

then I mosaiced it! those wings are the TG from an oven door - they look like screen

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You l'il heifeeeerrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Dang, that's gorgeous, and I LOVE that dragonfly. How neat is THAT TG???. That leaf looks sooooo alive. I've wanted to do that too, but just haven't gotten to it. My banana tree w/be the perfect place to start too. It's almost as tall as my house, and the leaves are HUGE. One of these days!

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Nicethyme, I love this project, the leaf looks so real, wow. And your dragonfly is superb. Love the wings. Dragonflies are my favorites! (I got one tattooed on my back)

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That is incredible!!! But, I have lots of questions.
I see what looks like saran wrap, is that on the back of the leaf and then you put the concrete patch on the saran wrap?
Did you leave the stem on the leaf or is that some type of dowel so you'll have a hole for hanging?
What type of paint did you use?
Did you mosaic the dragonfly directly on the concrete leaf or is the d-fly on some type of base?
Could the leaf be curved somehow so the finished leaf could be used as a small bird bath?
You did a great job and now I'll be checking my yard (and maybe my neighbor's - teehee) for large leaves - could I use an elephant ear's leaf?

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Great idea using the drywall tape. I have seen many leaves that just looked a little rough and your method would make the difference. Also something so simple as the wet paint brush is another great hint. China, I believe you can create the curve you wish by placing the leaf upsidedown on a mound of sand.

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Ok, add this to my list of things to do.
This is lovely! Great job.

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GREAT Job NT!!! And I too have some glass from a stove top, it is an awesome purple when you hold it up to the light(looks black any other time)Klinger does leaves, and I am inspired to make a 3 leaf fountain for my pond are, as I was over at Cindy's one day sitting beside her pond/leaves, and a little bird came by and had a bath!!! I was hooked from then on!!! This is the first one I have seen with a mosaic on it tho, way to go!!! That dragonfly is SUPERB!!!! I love dragonflies too!!!

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What an amazing project! Love it...We have some huge leaves here I may have to try this..One more thing on my huge list of things to do.....the dragonfly is too cool...

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Thank you all, Banana leaves!!!! LOL yeah I have wanted to try this forever, its my 2nd actually...the 1st one I got the order wrong and put the plastic over the leaf - it came out ok but this is much better.

lets see to the questions, it is the stem which left a hole was great for hanging. It is sitting on a mound of sand that is then covered with plastic wrap - I guess to keep you from accidentally picking up sand into your crete. The mound can be shaped how ever you want and is the support for the crete's wieght (so the leaf doesn't flatten out on your work surface and look unrealistic.

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You GOTTA tell us how you did the dragonfly!!!!! PUUULLLEEEEAAASSSEEE!!!!!

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That is so pretty !!! I love it .I want to do one but I do not have any big leaves.A friend has some big elefent ears just mayby.

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This is AMAAAAZING!! You are so smart!! GREAT JOB...it looks SO real!!.....I love LEAVES...they're my passion (as per my work). I don't know what it is but I am fascinated with leaves. I'm definitely gonna try this one!

Man, when I'm on this forum I feel like I'm surrounded by GENIUSES....NOTHING BUT GENIUSES!! I wish we all lived in the same little village so we could all visit, share ideas, and play together! Wouldn't that be great!


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WOW...that is gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing.

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Addiesue: We'd hafta call that little tow: Heaven!!!! ;-)

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Hey Calam, the head is a glob cut in half, the body is too layers thick stained glass, just behind that it another cut in half glob, cut into a 4th then beads for the tail and TG wings

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Love it.............. its looks like a real leaf and yes that dragonfly in the photo is so cute.

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Don't ya love globs!!! They are the best!!! Was out with DD at Micheles the other day and bought 10 more bags...she said, don't you have enough? NEVER!!!lol!

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LOL Jane!

so when Flag said thinset was the same as mortar I got to thinking it could work in place of the concrete patch. It was sticky to deal with but WOW the results were AWESOME

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OHMYGOODNESS. This just blows me away. This is a Sum and Substance Hosta???? What fine detals. I can just see this in lime green, girlie. So, is this the Quickcrete Mortar Mix? You've inspired me to try this as soon as my fountain is finished cuz I'm gonna need something to cover the plumbing on the back. Yes, Banana leaves on rebar, is what I'm thinking. Ha - GYPSY w/laugh at this - her expression she uses often "art on a stick". NT - you're a real piece of work. Is the chair next? Hint, hint.

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