questionable cider vinegar

zootjs(zone 5 MA)July 2, 2009


In 2002, I tried to make hard cider. Maybe, 10 gallons, in various small carboys. Then my son was born, and I lost track of it. And it sat and sat and sat, and now I assume it is vinegar.

Maybe 2004 or so, I tried something similar with raspberry wine.

I'm wondering what this vinegar is usable for. What I'd like to use it for would be pickling, but I don't know if it is acid enough. Should I buy a kit and test it? Or is there some other way, maybe having to do with baking soda? I'd love to use it, but don't want to ruin my cuke, if it turns out not to be acid enough.

Or, would I be better off to use it to make my blueberry plants happy?


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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

You can't make vinegar without mother of vinegar. What you likely have is just sour cider....but check it out, it may be good.
Perhaps try the old college trick of freezing a batch and then decanting the stuff which won't freeze.

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