Mr turtle was lost

katishookedJuly 6, 2008

Sorry folks about my post. In my excitement to get my 1st post out to you all, I posted this one 1st. Sad to say I lost Mr Turtle and Mrs Duck to Dasturdly Wellbond. They were the first I made and had em outside waiting for grout when we got some rain. Well I think yall know what happened next. Broke my heart. But am stubborn, so if my puter can hold up I will get others on here. Uploads are slow. Oh and by the way I have switched to E6000 and Locktite clear silicone(proven and tested). Thanks to all your wisdom posts. Be back later. Oh, by the way Mr Turtle would have gotten blk grout. Like how it pops the colors.

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Uh oh - Yep - everyone of us has had a bad experience, but that's how we learn. Get on your next project and start gluing.

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Sorry to hear about your hard lesson learned. I think we've all gone through that. Mine was on a flowerpot.
I really liked your turtle so I hope you do another one.
You might look in to using thinset for you stepping stone.
That will certainly hold up outdoors!

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Thanks for the encouragement. I have read alot on here bout thinset, but only get to work in spurts, so am shying away from trying it. Sound like a cop out. hee hee. Well maybe alittle. Still am working on getting other pix posted with not much luck. The 1st was easy but haven't been able to do it again. End up with just the link in message, nothing else.

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My first disaster was a bench that I worked on for days and days. I cut circles in the seat to sink pots in.
Painted the bench.
Mosaiced the bench with some really cool plates with the lips of the pots to match.
No I did not seal it, yes I used weldbond and definately yes, it fell apart.
It was for sale, thank goodness it did not sell!

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Texas I hear ya. We put a lot of heart in our creations. I have people tell me "you ought to do that to sell". My greatest fear is it falling apart. But I have been using E6000 and locktite clear silicone with good results. Am happy with it so maybe I can sell a few things.

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I used E6000 quite a bit when I was doing ceramics, and early mosaics as well. Not sure why I quit using it.
Sure wish I had taken a pic of that darn bench, it was really cute.

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I would only use thinset outside,nothing else.I use just a little plastic thing at a time,it goes a long way and is pretty cheap,Just mix up what small amt your going to work on at that time.

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