Need patio door with removable panel

gleapmanMarch 16, 2012

We are looking for an eight-foot sliding glass door where either both panels slide, or the fixed panel can be removed.

As part of a kitchen remodel we want to replace two sort-of adjacent wood doors with one sliding glass door. One of the doors goes between the kitchen and patio. The second door is about three feet away and is at the top of the basement stairs. Once every few years we need to open the second door to get big things into or out of the basement. We want a sliding door on the kitchen side, but still have a way to open the stairwell side from time to time. (The numbers don't add up; we'll be walling in some of the hole from the exiting kitchen door for more cabinet space.)

We contacted a window company that says it can order a door from Eagle that can be installed in a way to allow us to remove the fixed panel, but that Eagle recommends against it, saying if the panel is removed and reinstalled incorrectly, it will leak. Also, we've read mixed reviews on Eagle windows in other postings (although little about their doors).

Looking for other manufacturers that might have a better solution. We want a higher-end door with wood interior. We've been told that Pella, Anderson and Marvin don't have such a product. We'll go with some configuration of out-swinging hinged doors as a last resort.

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As far as I know, most other options will be the same as Eagle. The fixed panel CAN be removed, but it will be a pain in the rear, and it will take some care to reinstall. A hinged double door would be the option with easier egress... My question is this: Why do you need a door opening wider than 4' when these large items that are going in and out of the basement are fitting through a doorway and stairwell that is probably 36", or not much more?

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Good question, ugly answer. There is an elevation change between the kitchen and the top of the stairs (a six inch drop from the kitchen floor to the top landing for the stairs), so we want the fixed panel to extend into the kitchen so there is no risk of someone walking in the door hitting the drop-off and taking a fall. Interestingly, even though there is an elevation change,the two doors are lined up, so when you walk into the house thru the stairwell door, you immediately step down six inches. It's a 60-year-old house.

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