Garden bench top mosaic finished

creativebutmessyJuly 20, 2010

I have been working on this mosaic for my inlaws for a little while now. Today I finshed it off with the grout and they really love it.

Last December they sold their home and moved into a retirement village. My mother-in-law was very upset that she had to leave behind a mosaic that I had made for them some years ago because it was glued to their front wall.

I promised I would make them something else and finally... here it is.

Here is a link that might be useful: garden bench top mosaic

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This is sooooooooo beautiful. I love how you've used contrast so the design shows. Lovely design too. Are all your tess ceramic tile? Your cutting is exceptional.

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Thanks Slow. Yes, all of the tess are ceramic tile. The really long pointy bits were a pain to nip. With a few, I'd almost get them right, then they would break right through the middle - &%@*. That's when I'd have a little break and come back. It's when you see the finished item (and the absolute delight on my Inlaw's faces) that you know it was all worth it.

I would really love to do a glass mosaic. I look at your work, and heaps of others on this site, and see how beautiful they look, but they scare me for some reason. I can pick up ceramic tiles quite cheaply here, but stained glass is quite expensive. Maybe I'm just scared of wasting the glass if I mess it up ?. I also love the way you use the bottoms of bottles but I don't have the means to cut them at the moment.
Anyhow, with this project now completed, I'll move on to my next one.

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Ohhhh, Very Pretty! Love the color combo! The design has a real Art Nouveau look to it...veeerrry nice!

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Beautiful job! I know you are proud and you should be.

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Such a great job! Its nice to make others hapy with our art.

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love the bench. i wish i could do one myself...
i haven't seen one in my area!

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