Grape phylloxera? Need help please ...

topieJuly 5, 2009


I never have posted on this forum, but today we just noticed this disturbing phenomenon on some of the leaves of a grape vine that has been growing in our yard. We're not absolutely sure what kind of grape vine this is, so please pardon our complete ignorance of Vitus.

I actually have never paid much attention to this vine before, so have yet to ID it. I don't even really know what color or shape the grapes are, if any.

However, the appearance of these blister-type white pustule things has us concerned. Could this be damage from a Grape Phylloxera, or are these blisters some kind of Grape Blister Gall?

Also, is this is something that could spread to other plants in our garden? We have a Monarda and some Eupatorium purpureum that we are fond of in the immediate vicinity of this grape vine, but aren't sure if the problem is something that could "jump species" like that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

Well, I have grape vines, and that doesn't look like a grape leaf to me. It might be some other kind of vine.

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Thanks desertdance, I agree the leaf in the photo does not look all that grape-like. We did not plan this vine and there's a possibility this may be a wild grape called riverbank grape (Vitis riparia). I believe the leaves on the riverbank grape can vary a lot in shape, even on the same vine. This vine does have long curling tendrils at the ends, similar to other grape vines I have seen.

Also, the edges of the leaf in the photo are slightly deformed and curling inward due to the pustules of this pest/disease, so it's difficult to tell what the leaf would look like without the pustules.

Here are a couple of more photos, that include some leaves without the pustules on them. Please disregard the hosta leaves below the vine leaves in the second photo.

I'll take some more photos of the leaves, tendrils, etc. and upload them here if that would help.


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P.S. Could also be Frost grape (Vitis vulpina), or Fox grape (Vitis labrusca). These are two other native grape vines that grow wild in our area as far as I know.

I've also noticed this same pustule issue on other similar-looking vines in our region.

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Here are some more photos of the vine. It looks like a grape vine to me (Vitis vulpina? Vitis riparia?), but let me know what else you think it might be.
Thanks in advance.

Overall foliage:

Close-up of tendrils (please disregard leaves of Yellow Birch (Betula alleghaniensis) in photo:

Close-up of fruit:

Close-up of stems (and pustules):

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