help with outside mosaic project

dian57July 4, 2008

Several years ago I did an indirect method mosaic of Astrias, the god of wind to cover my potting bench cement pad. My problem was using newsprint-weight paper as the backing. When I tried to flip it onto the thinset it tore in a lot of places, making placement uneven.

I want to extend part of my cement patio and thought a mosaic strip would be a good compliment to my garden nearby.

What backing should I use that will hold up when I flip it over. Will I be able to draw a design on this material?

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OH MY WORD!!! That is sooooo beautiful! Haven't done an indirect method yet, but I think most people use contact paper. Think the contractor's paper - heavy craft paper w/work also. I use it a lot for making patterns. It's quite sturdy, so I think it w/work fine. Wonderful project. You did a beautiful job. Welcome to the forum. Keep us posted on the extension.

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Thanks, slow.

Wouldn't using contact paper pull the glass pieces from the thin-set when peeled away?

I thought I needed to use something that would allow water to dissove the glue that held the glass pieces to the base, no?

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I think if you wait until it has cures enough the glass won't pull away. I haven't done it though, so I'm not sure. the contract paper should work fine

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when they show contact paper in use, its always noted that they don't pull it up but peel it sideways or low. I would go with Slows suggestion of the brown kraft/construction paper so that you can draw right on it. Thats very nice btw, love the design!

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I agree with Slow that a brown type paper should be used.
Useing a water soluble glue when you place the finished piece, you simply water sponge the paper, then peel off the paper.If the thinset is set, it won't pull the tiles.

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I've only tried the indiredt method with a small project and I used contact paper. I was too impatient and peeled it off too quick and ended up with crooked tile!
I think you've gotten some good advice about kraft paper and water soluble can learn a lot here... like, the god of wind's name is Astrias. :)
It's a beautiful mosaic, btw.

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Welcome to the group... .I have to agree with all about the brown craft paper and weldbond glue...Only I would not do it that way, I would be different and do the whole thing on the fiberglass mesh and then set it into thinset. I really like picking up the whole thing or pieces and setting it down, done...quick is for me.
I have yet to do an indirect where you lay your tiles upside down, but I doubt if I could do it as I don't follow a pattern and my design changes as I go. I never know what I will do
I love your design and think it is beautiful, if what you do next is half as nice it will be a knockout.

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Hey Flag that is usually what I do, just start and let it happen. I get all flusterd when I try to design a pattern then mosaic it.
I'm not sure I would use Weldbond tho, expensive, elmers will work if you are going to sponge it off.

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Thanks for all your advice. I'm more of a planner than a design-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda gal. I need to have a pattern to work from before starting a project.

I've been reading all the posts and enjoying the pictures of your projects. Wow, lots of talent here.


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