So Glad To Be Back!!!!!!!!

lovemosaicsJuly 4, 2008

I was in an awful accident June 2nd.....

I was hit head on, and have had several surgeries, and am typing with one finger. I have been able to watch and read your posts for the last 2 weeks, but haven't been able to reply, typing is a hopeful thing now. More surgeries

to come. I just had to say......I love the stuff you are all doing, and the exchange is so much fun to watch. I don't know at this point if I will be able to mosaic again,

it's all so unreal for me right now. Just being able to type with 1 finger is a real exciting thing now. My pain meds are being taken now, so I am up all night. So I thought I would try to post. Love your work are keeping me going these days. this took 20 minutes to you won't hear much from me...but I'm watching,

it's much less painful!!!! Kudos to you all.......hope to join you again soon.

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Well Love I am sorry to hear about your accident. Keep praying that you will get better with each day. My name is Kathy and am a shadow lurker for bout 2 months. But have watched the posts with all the talent and ceativity to create beautiful art. these people on this forum sound like a caring and loving bunch with all who belong. So I think you will get lots of encouragment and entertainment. My prayers r with you.

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Well bless your heart, LOVES! W/add you to the on-going prayer list for my forum friends (on the conversation side). Don't EVEN think about the possibility of not mosaicing again. If you can type w/one finger, think positively. You can make a come back. So sorry for your accident and all that it entails, but DO NOT let it get you down. I'm 73, full of all kinds of aches/pains, but I keep trying to outrun old age. Take that one finger and run w/it and outrun the "not being able to mosaic again". God bless you - saying a prayer for you now. Welcome to you, KAT - come out of lurkdom and join the fun.

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Hugs to you Loves! I am a bit new here myself and will join in the support for your recovery.
Welcome Kat!

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OMG! So sorry to hear of your accident! Of COURSE you'll be able to mosaic again. As time goes by, you'll find yourself getting back into it a little at a time. You may find yourself doing it differently...colors, methods, materials, etc., but it will be mosaics nonetheless. Will add you to our prayer list and look forward to hearing from you again as you can...


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So sorry to hear of your accident...but GLAD to hear you are on the road to recovery! Woo-Hoo for being able to type!! And you'll be mosaicing in no time, you watch.

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flagtruck prayers and best wishes to you too. I learned the hard way.,never say never. My art and this forum has kept me sane for the last year. I too was hurt and then had a stroke...I had to have help to get into my studio where I would sit and work for hours. I even at one time had to have help getting tiles off the shelf. I am still in a wheelchair most of the time, but I am keeping up my yard and doing a lot of mosaics..these gals here are great for support. Keep up the one finger typing and soon it will be two and then three..
We will all have you in our prayers, please keep up posted on your future surgeries and your recovery.
Thanks for posting and letting us all know where you have been.
KAT - stay out of lurkdom, we enjoy you here.

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so sorry to hear about the accident. Yes, follow the advice of these wise gals at GW, never say never. we will all be pulling for you and spend any time you feel down with us, no post required, just read up and watch all this beauty being created.

I hope that in no time at all you will be typing with multi fingers and soon you will be putting a few pieces of mosiac together!!

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Thanks for reaching out to us Loves!!! To think we rate a 20 minute typing episode!!!! Thank you!!!

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Of course you will mosaic again and we will all be praying for your speedy recovery! Bad things happen to good people. And even when we don't understand WHY it does, something good always comes out of it. Having all these people praying for you will help. I know you will feel the prayers and the flowing energy that is sent your way.


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Thank you all so much for your prayers, and uplifting notes. I'm so touched by you warm, wonderful ladies
here. Bless you! my typing is improving, thanks to
wanting to comment here. You are such good therapy!!!

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Praying for your continued progress. You will mosaic again!

"Mosaic therapy: Taking the broken pieces of life and putting them back together to make something beautiful." RH

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Loves dear, I had completely missed your post as I've been away. I am so sorry about your accident. But I agree with the others that recovery has started with the one-fingered typing and the desire to be able to mosaic again. Please know that we all are going to want updates on your recovery and to see your first project as you heal. We know you'll do well. Take care, and work hard on your recovery. We're rooting for you. I'll be checking the conversation side for regular updates,and I know that your other friends here will too. Let our strength, which is going out to you, be yours.

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Loves, geez this sounds like a very trying time for you... I'm sorry to hear of this accident. You are in my thoughts and I know that you will recover fully. All the best

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Sorry I missed this,hoping for a full recovery for you and wishing you all the best.

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You are all so wonderful!
I got my arm/hand cast..rods....pins...etc, out a week before my hip surgery. My hip just wouldn't heal, so they had to go at it again. I still have a cast on my right leg
too. Seems these old bones just won't heal!!! I was pretty busted up, and should just be thankful I'm alive......and not complain.

I'm staying with my son and his wife for a few weeks, and I had him get my lap top tonight. I need to have something to do all night! I'm going nuts not being home again.

I saw your new swap and was so excited.....then remembered my son packed all my stuff up weeks ago to make room for my hospital bed. So if I can manage it, I will try to join this swap...unlikely...but the deadline might be a reality for me. We will see...would love to be in charge of my own life again!!OMG! that would be bliss!!LOL!

I love all the new stuff I saw tonight. You girls are just amazing! I hope to post to everything before the pain pills kick in!LOL! Really I'm just glad to have them back.
they took them way too early last time!

I had to buy an new computer after crashing my old relic,
trying to post pics new camera and scanner just didn't work with that old computer....and I refused to let it say no!
guess computers don't give in to "mom said so!" LOL!
I didn't have many stored anyway ....maybe two to share a I
have asked the people I gifted my stuff with over the years for pics. So hopefully I can share sometime soon.

Just have to say.........your work and wonderful friendship makes me want to get back in the game again real bad!
The hands are working......not quite as steady....might be the pills though!LOl! So when I can get back home, and have my life back....I'm dying to share and have fun here. Thanks so much for the support are the best place on the web!! I adore you all!
Sorry I went on and on.......just need to talk!!!LOL!
Been too confined!AAAAAAAAAHHHHH! LOL!!!

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Ok Love, Glad to hear from you again. I read all from first post and you are getting better. Can hear it in your last post. It is hard for you to see it from your perspective. You're livin it. But I can see it it when i read your post. My prayers are still with and It's only time before you get to put that next piece of broken plate on a new creation. Love to ya. Kathy

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KAT just nailed it, LOVES - you sound better already. Keep thinking positively, exercise when you can, and stay active. You'll be posting pictures of your work soon.

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So glad to hear you're continuing to mend! It takes so long, but just have time to plan and sketch out ideas by the ton right now....won't be long till 'they' can't get you to stop.


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Loves, my prayers go out to you for continued strength and a speedy recovery. After your rest & creative planning session ends, you'll be back making incredible works of art!

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