Vines and Spraying

jimla(Z6 PA)July 17, 2006

Are there any grapes (table or wine) that are less/no maintenance when it comes to spraying? Six years ago (before kids) I planted 12 Chambourcin vines (on a 3 wire trellis with annual pruning) with the intention of making wine. They have done well and set fruit but shrivel or blacken before harvest. Some of teh leaves get a rust spot or margins. I know wine grapes require "attention" to get them to harvest, but I have not sprayed them with anything, ever. Last year however I did get grapes and made juice which the family enjoyed. It raised expectations for this year but alas, all the fruit is dying again. I am considering pulling the Chambourcin and plant a table grape to use for juice and jam which the family will enjoy more. I remember as a kid that the neighbor's backyard concord arbor was always full without spraying. I realize the wine grapes require spraying but my family prefer I don't spray. Over the years, 3 vines have died and I replaced them with two Himrod seedless and a concord seedless. They have the same fate as the Chambourcin except this year the COncord looks like it will make it when all teh others will not. Any sugestions for improving the Chambourcin harvest or planting some other variety?

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I don't spray... not sure why you want to spray, sounds like a fungus to me. You could spray with an antifungal. I am not sure about growing vines in the East... out here, there's not much humidity and no rain so the fungi are less.
Though we do have the Glassywinged Sharpshooter.
You might take a leaf to you local ag shop and find out exactly the cause.

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I had the same problem with my vines, I only have 6 shiraz, they have only been in for one season, but at the end of summer the leaves went brown and shriveled.

I dont want to spray either, perhaps you could do a google search on organic wine production, and see what goes on there.

How are your vines going now ?

Its just spring in Australia, so I am keenly waiting to see how my vines go this year.

Grape juice sounds yummy!


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Is your climate appropriate for growing grapes? It sounds as though
you are getting some sort of fungus on your grapes from a too damp
climate for the variety. We don't spray our vines to get them to set a crop.

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