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ttoddAugust 12, 2012

I'm getting closer to laughing - sort of chuckling now.

DS1 (almost 9) got a guinea pig on Friday night at the 4H Fair. This is something that he's saved for and researched in preperation for a few months now. I scoured our basement looking for a table to put the future GP's cage on and suggested my old laundry table. It was an old square country table w/ storage underneath and a door to hide away the supplies clutter. It had a great old white enamel top.

Told DS he could spraypaint the base as long as it was a color that fit into his red, white and blue bedroom. No big deal because I knew he'd head straight for a blue and since it was his choice I would be fine w/ whatever he choose. He picked a glossy navy blue.

DH had taken the table to work to shore it up and DS went to work w/ Daddy Saturday morning to paint his table.

When I showed up at the shop DS was soooooo excited to show me his table. DH was sooooooooo excited to show me the table. They showed me the table and I almost passed out.

The thing that they were most excited to show me were the top & hardware that they spray painted a fancy metallic gold to go along w/ the navy blue base.

I about had a conniption when I pulled DH aside wondering WTH he was thinking! It is so gaudy looking (to me). I mean the paint job is professional and all, but..... DH kept saying 'I can strip it off! I can strip it off!'. 'Yeah - try telling that to the 9yr old glowingly admiring his masterpiece over there' I said. 'No - it has to stay as is now! You can't take that away from him!'

DS was so proud though so I have to bite my tongue and grin and bear it (and I will). I'll figure out a way to make it work, or not, but it will stay as is.

I send 1 can of spraypaint, 1 table, 2 men and somehow they still managed to find gold paint!

What thing have you tasked somebody eles to do w/ a seemingly fool proof plan that left you scratching your head and trying to learn to smile?

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LOL...hope your son enjoys sharing his room with his GP.

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Just think...one day it will 'go' with all those trophies he will win and put on top of it. LOL at the story. Keep smilin'.

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Sugar Plum

For some odd reason, my husband is a big fan of caulk, industrial sealants, rtv, and most goop that comes in tubes. He thinks that these products can and should be used to solve any household issue.

Experience has told me that instruction to my husband regarding a household project needs to include the line "and don't use caulk"!

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I'm reading along thinking, oh, that sounds so pretty - enamel top, blue base . . . oops.

By the way, they say that guinea pigs thrive in groups and are lonely as a single pet.

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Hey, if the Brits can paint the scarlet Royal mail boxes gold, what's so bad about painting the table top gold?

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Sounds like a photo or two is needed here LOL!!!!

Please post a few snaps of the finished table AND the new GP set-up!! :)

What a GREAT story! :)

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One of the best pieces of advice I've ever been given came from my aunt...

She said that she believed one of her responsibilities as a parent was to teach her children how to think for themselves. And when they did, her role was not to tell them that they were wrong.

Words of wisdom for me.

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jmc01 - I totally agree! Your aunt sounds like a very smart lady.

1 blue table w/ gold top and hardware sould be arriving home soon LOL!

I told DH that I had no idea that they had an inner Liberace residing in both of them.

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This is one decorating tale that just makes me smile!

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