FIBREX Composite Windows !!!! The Wave of the Future

antonio_2008March 14, 2008

After seeing all the issues with wood/clad windows and the lack of inherent strength with vinyl windows, the clear choice of framing material is composites.

Comparing the top 3 composites on the market, I have discovered that the Renewal by Andersen's Fibrex is the best performer.

Compared to fiberglass (which is a painted, less durable material) and cellular PVC which doesnt give all the "green" benefits, Fibrex from Andersen is the best!

The material is a combination of pulverized wood fiber along with pvc polymers which is strong, durable, decay resistant and best of all a very attractive looking window.

If you are looking at replacement windows and want the best value dollar for dollar, look for the Renewal by Andersen store in your area. I have done my homework and have had them installed for 6 years now and I dont regret it for one minute!!!

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Anderson Renewal is your best value dollar to dollar? Give me a break. The total u-factor on that window is only a .32. For the amount of money they want for it you can get a better Vinyl Triple Pane Window, Fiberglass reinforced main frame and sash, Lifetime Warranty,Lifetime Glass Breakage,Foam Filled main frame and sash, Fusion Welded and it has a u-factor of .19 for less money. Anderson Renewal is definitely not your best value dollar for dollar. You really didn't do your homework! I have installed vinyl windows since the 80's and there still going strong. 6 years and your

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Best value for dollar? Bull!!! I got a quote for Renewal windows 3 years ago for my house, it was the highest at $9,000. I got a quote from Pella, $7,000. I got a quote from a local vinyl window mfg with a very high rating on the NFRC website,$4500. I went with them. better warranty than Renewal or Pella. Renewal would not give up pestering me with mailings for over a year. for the way they are constructed they aren't worth the price. Hard sell also when they came out and gave me an estimate.

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It sounded like a nice plug for vinyl windows. I'm sure your company and sales manager would be proud. Here is the deal:

Vinyl may initially get you a .19 when tested by the NFRC but after "real-time' exposure no vinyl window will give you the long term performance of the FIbrex composite. NEAT!!! you get a .19 when its tested but if you research the stress a window goes through (even before install) it will not be that same .19 even after 1 season of weather. So I will take my .32 on the day of the test, a .32 during the transit to my house, a .32 at the time of the install, and a .32 for 20 years later. Not to mention the beauty and cosmetics of a window that isnt full of "snap-on" parts and buttons and latches screwed on to it.

Andersen Corp has been around over 100 years and still has parts for windows from 1930 so I'll take my chances with their warranty.

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Your use of !!!! just makes your product look like cheap junk. Not to mention that your "helpful" post reads like low end ad copy.

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You better hope there as good as you claim because you only have 4 more years to go before the warranty runs out.

20 years on glass
2 years on installation
10 years on frame and hardware

If the Fibrex Frame is so good how come only a 10 year warranty?

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Renewals warranty is the same as "Mother Andersen's" 20/2/10. There is no way the Renewal division would be able to trump the original Andersen warranty even if the fibrex is tested to last 60 years of simulated weathering. The 10 year portion is just what they will cover for "FREE" ~ they will still be around much longer obviously if i need them. Once again, I will roll the dice and take my chances.

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I don't care what they cost. I'm not convinced they are a long term product.
They use saw dust and PVC for their composite. The two products must be in constant conflict with each other. PVC expands and contracts with temperature more than any other window material and is stable with humidity changes. The wood expands and contracts with humidity and is stable through temperature changes. As the temperatures change the vinyl is trying to do one thing while the wood doesn't want to change and just the opposite happens when the humidity changes. This seems like bad science to me. I haven't seen an adhesive that would join the two materials together for the long term and stay flexible enough to make the product a long life item.

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I had Renewal by Andersen installed... I researched a bit and the fibrex material was given a good rating as did the glass. Ask if I am happy and the answer is-- Not really!

The inside sills are peeling, that is the paint is chipping off the fibrex on all 18 windows only on the left side after less than 6 months. The local dealer tells me this is common and gave me some touch up paint. And as for being fully sealed, the caulking was not completed until a couple months after installation and I felt air coming in from the top during a really windy day. According to a posting from someone on this site, the air comes through the plugs that are in the sash. I do not recall seeing these plugs or the uneven seams in the demo window during the sales pitch.

I also do not like how the windows appear unfinished in the corners of the inside lower sash. One can see the inside fibrex when the window is up-- this is a complaint from others & Renewal by Andersen has yet to correct. Suppose if folks like me continue to buy, why should they correct the multitude of problems? .... My recommendation is get another window. I would not purchase these windows ever again... especially after paying nearly $800/a window & remaining less than satisfied! My sister has vinyl and has not experienced half the problems I have encountered with Renewal by Andersen.

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I find it hard to believe your just an everyday consumer spewing your self taught knowledge & happiness towards RBA windows. Your great wealth of "Mother Andersen" sounds more like a sales pitch than a happy customer. It's not very logical for someone to post here after 6 years of jubilant happiness unless they are a salesman pretending to be a consumer. It's also a forbidden practice by administration. The rest of us professionals follow the rules, you should follow the same guidelines.

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This is a question for Cneary--Why would the paint be chipping off the Renewal Fibrex window only on the left side of each of your 18 windows? This sounds like a defect? Why wouldn't the paint be chipping on both the left and right sides? Sounds as if your installation was not properly handled if the caulking was done months after the installation. If there is anyone else with who had window paint chipping with Anderson Renewal windows, please reply or email me. Thanks.

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I agree with Guy - it seems pretty obvious that Antonio is a Renewal by Andersen salesperson. You can tell by the phrases that seem right out of Andersen Renewal's pitch book. Nothing wrong with believing in your own product - but pitching it as "the best" in front of people at this forum, it will more than likely get picked apart. Allow me to quote some of Antonio's statements and offer some corrections:

"After seeing all the issues with wood/clad windows and the lack of inherent strength with vinyl windows, the clear choice of framing material is composites." That's a pretty ignorant statement. Well-built wood/clad windows, as well as well-built vinyl windows, shouldn't have "issues." In fact there are SO many circumstances where they are indeed the best choice. To categorically state that composite windows are the best choice is pretty arrogant to say the least, and totally not true.

"Comparing the top 3 composites on the market, I have discovered that the Renewal by Andersen's Fibrex is the best performer." A curious statement. I don't know which statistics you're looking at, but by all benchmarks I'm aware of it's the worst of all composites. Four common materials for energy efficient windows are wood, vinyl, fiberglass composites, and wood/vinyl composites. Renewal by Andersen isn't a fiberglass composite; instead it's a wood sawdust/vinyl composite that is perfectly acceptable but inferior to fiberglass composites. Let's look at how. Regarding impact resistance, vinyl (yes vinyl) is approximately 6 times more impact resistant than vinyl/wood composites. Fiberglass composites are about 10x more impact resistant. As for scratch resistance, fiberglass windows are 6 times better than vinyl and vinyl/wood composites. As for thermal stability (expansion), fiberglass is 7 times better than vinyl and 2-1/2 times better than your wood/vinyl composite.

"Compared to fiberglass (which is a painted, less durable material) and cellular PVC which doesn't give all the "green" benefits, Fibrex from Andersen is the best!" The best at what? I've never heard of a peeling fiberglass window. Fiberglass is better in many ways than Fibrex (the wood sawdust/vinyl composite you mention), usually costs a lot less, and depending on the brand has a lot better warranty.

"The material is a combination of pulverized wood fiber along with pvc polymers which is strong, durable, decay resistant and best of all a very attractive looking window." I agree with you there. I'm glad to see that you didn't state "strongest," "the most durable," or "the most attractive" because if you did you would have been exaggerating like you did with your other statements.

"If you are looking at replacement windows and want the best value dollar for dollar, look for the Renewal by Andersen store in your area." If you wouldn't have stated "the best value dollar for dollar" you would have been OK. Renewal has an OK warranty but far from the best, routine performance statistics, but is one of the most expensive windows out there. Routine performance with high cost does not equate to "best value."

"I have done my homework and have had them installed for 6 years now and I dont regret it for one minute!!!" Again, you sound like a salesman. If I'm wrong I do apologize, but much of what you said is not factual; it's just the typical Andersen Renewal hype that salespeople are trained to say.

As for your subtle slams on other types of windows, vinyl windows do expand more than other types of windows, but they're DESIGNED to do so without compromising performance. Wood windows, whether clad or bare, are the most appropriate choice in many homes. Well-designed wood windows are designed to last just as long as vinyl and fiberglass windows, and many homes would look tacky with anything other than true wood. You may not want to admit it but it's true. And fiberglass is one of the strongest most durable materials out there for windows, much more than a vinyl/wood composite like Renewal's offering.

Don't get me wrong - I have a lot of respect for Renewal and its parent company, Andersen. They are a service-minded company and have deep pockets. They do a lot of things right. But when a person makes untrue statements about windows, no matter what brand it is, it is going to get challenged by people at this forum that know about windows, and maybe a few that don't ;-) You may actually believe the hype, nothing wrong with believing in a product you sell or have purchased, but as you can see there are other options out there - options which may in many cases be better choices for other people, some which cost more and most which cost less.

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I do not work for Andersen Renewal or Andersen Corp. I simply spent alot of time and energy researching windows and I feel I made a great choice with Renewal. I resent the negative feedback and I never initiated a pissing contest with anyone. I simply began a post describing what I have found during my shopping experience. Its obvious I have touched a nerve with some of the window experts on this site. The great thing about this page is we can give opinions and are free to do so.

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Then I do apologize for the assumption that you work for Andersen. It was a logical assumption based on the volume of misinformation that was presented. Feel free to refute my analysis of the misleading statements if you'd like. It sounds like you've made a choice of windows and are happy about the decision - that's the way it should be!

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He registers on march 13th and the next day starts pushing Renewal windows. Sounds like a sales pitch of spam to me.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes


If you've been happy for six years with the Renewal product, why are you shopping and comparing?

Find something creative and rewarding to do, man.


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I was sharing an experience that I had in window shopping 6 years ago, yes I did in fact pull out my old brochues and qoute some of the text and yes it sounded corny but I spent my hard earned dollars for windows and i felt very adamant about sharing my positive experience. In my area it seems window shopping is a step away from buying a car with all the wheeling and dealing and negative attacks from all the companies I compared. Now I realize how this industry got such a bad rap. From the looks of the threads and backlash i recieved from my post, it seems I have smacked a hornets nest with a big stick. Please forgive me I will not post anymore comments or share my thoughts......

Antonio Barretto

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Antonio you were the one who presented negative attacks - slamming all other types of windows whether wood, vinyl or fiberglass. We simply responded to your misinformation by revealing what you said that was incorrect. I don't have a problem with any brand of windows; there's room for all of them. But I do object to people stating things that are untrue. I will challenge those statements, not with smoke and mirrors; not with half-truths or exaggerations, but with actual facts.

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Well said Tru Blue, your follow up to the misleading facts is great. Antonio, I also apologize for my attack if you are an actual consumer enjoying what you've purchased. In fact I applaud your enthusiasm. I wish everyone would be as happy as you are. You have to understand that most of us that take time to answer questions on this board also answer questions on other boards. Most of us do this because we want to help protect the consumer from bogus high pressure salesmen who are raping the industry. We are constantly being attacked by people portraying consumers. All it ever does is confuse those who are trying to make a good logical choice for their home. We don't ask for anything in return, or push our wares in any way. Most of us try and stay completely objective and neutral to any manufacturer or provider. We offer years of experience in our trades to help others.

Some of us have been in this industry for quite awhile. We know what "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" are in most cases. We don't admit knowing everything there is to know about the industry, but we make our living knowing and learning as much as we can. One thing we do know, RBA is not the best bang for the buck. Tru Blue's post up above lays it all out in black & white. We just try and keep things honest and respectful for everyone.

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You people all exicited about renewals fibrex are on glue or crack or both. I have been building homes as well as commercial building for twentyfive years and have dealt with and installed hundreds of Andersen, Marvin, Pella, Migard and numerous other windows. The whole premise that this fibrex material is some hi-tech invention is a load of you know what. And for someone to say it is stronger than Fiberglass or more durable is an idiot. When companies start making boats, bridges, cars, sledgehammer handles etc. out of Fibrex than maybe you'd have an agruement. Don't spew BS you not sure of.

As far as wood and aluminum clad being inferior choices to the Renewals window, get off the pipe. Andersens Eagle window, (Eagle is a wholely owned subsiderary of Andersen)is their top of the line most expensive window and it is made of wood and aluminum clad. So please explain why Renewal says this is the worst choice. They will instead charge you approx. the same for their fibrex as Marvin or Pella would for their Wood and Aluminum clad window. All thjis says to me is that the Anderson Eagle window is overpriced and the Renewal by Andersen is WAY WAY overpriced.

If the Andersen Renewal window is Andersens top quality window then why can't I get it for a brand new million $ home. Because it will look cheap and Andersen would rather you put either the Eagle window or say their 400 series in instead. Renewal is for the cheapo who want to believe the crap hype about this "New Technology" WOW!!!

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I think its too early to judge Fiberglass or Fibrex composite windows. We dont have enough "real time" yet. Vinyl has a proven track record of both positives and negatives. All window frame materials are for different applications and to meet certain price points. Comparing windows is like comparing automobiles and saying that a Hyundai is better than a Mercedes because it has a longer warranty or saying that a Volkswagen Jetta is better than a Yukon Denali because it has better gas mileage. Windows (like cars, minivans and SUV's) have different uses, classes and certainly are geared for different cosmetic and architectural applications.

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Its a shame how this site is so anti-Andersen.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

What is a shame is the blind devotion and attempt at legitimization in your last two posts.

I didn't take the time to read the rest of the drivel after reading the first post in this thread.

I have no beef with the fibrex material...just the assumption that it is better and somehow a Mercedes vs. the Hyudai that is vinyl.

That is pure bunk and no one can find any justification to logically present otherwise.

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If you read my post last post you would see that I was simply stating that windows (like cars) are all different as far as cosmetics, price points, DP ratings, NFRC performance, etc. But to simply state that one window is better since it has a longer (lifetime) warranty is like saying that a Hyundai is a better built automobile than a Mercedes because it has a longer warranty. I know you are fond of Vinyl....thats great....but take the time and read the spirit of my posts and you will see it was from an objective point of view.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

After re-reading your post, you are correct. I did mistakingly interpret your post and understand your point. I guess I was speaking to some of the Fibrex devotee's on here.

Also, no where did I state that I was fond of Vinyl. I have zero product allegiance and am happy to install good products regardless of raw material. I do not, however, think that Fibrex separates itself from the competition in any capacity.

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puh leez. total salesperson.

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Frankly most of the people who are posting on this site have an obvious agenda/bias. I think the big reason for all the negativity is that Andersen chose to structure Renewal so that consumers would not have to deal with shady and unskilled contractors. Not saying anyone that has posted on this forum is, but you are rolling the dice when you just pick a name in a phone book to do any house work. So what did Andersen do? Created Renewal and kept complete control of the product. That means that no one except Renewal Franchises can install this "Fibrex" line. After reading these posts I think most people who are negatively bashing the Fibrex composite sees Renewal as a direct competitor and what do most people do to competitors?? Do you give your honest feedback? bash it every which way you can.
Now I bet if anyone could go out and buy the Renewal Fibrex window we would have many more positive posts.

Truth is when you look for a window frame that meets the best guidelines in ALL the following areas, Durable, Decay-resistant/maintenance free, insulator and stability, then YES Fibrex does beat out all other window materials...that is not saying there are not some good characteristics with other window frames but if you want an answer to all areas than Fibrex is better.
The only thing vinyl windows have proved over the years is that they are good at failing. As far as Fiberglass goes, show me a painted surface and I will show you a painted surface that needs repainting over time. Also, fiberglass cannot be bonded to itself so the frames are screwed together and cannot be curved (only straight windows can be made with Fiberglass)
I would take a 20 year parts & labor seal failure warranty with Andersen any day over a "Lifetime Warranty"
If the consumers only new all the tricks that can be done to void "Lifetime Warranties" by companies or limit them.
1. Most states set a limit to the number of years usually 5-7 and the "life time" is up
2. Change product lines completely
3. Go in and out of business and its voided.
4. If homeowners change
5. Parts only

Someone in a previous post tried to say that fiberglass was a better framing material because of warranties???? What?? Are you kidding me?? Does that then mean that the material is not better but you just plan on doing a good job fixing it??

Like I said before....most of the negativity comes from people who are trying to make a living competing against something they cannot offer themselves. So I understand trying to bash something when you can only sell the lesser quality products but just don't pretend to be unbiased. :)

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Actually it's posts by misinformed salesmen like you that get all the bashing.

1. Andersen chose to set up dealerships so they could protect franchises from competing with each other and it allows Andersen to control the price. It's sort of the modern day legal version that skirts anti-trust laws. But you knew that didn't you?

2. If vinyl is such a bad product, then why did Andersen buy Silverline, one of the lowest end windows out there.

3. Please post the law for one State that limits lifetime warranties to 5 to 7 years. Just one State. But you know it isn't true, right?

4.Since you know so much about the law, you sould know that a manuf. cannot just change product lines to get out of honoring a warranty. But you knew that, right?

5.Most warranties are transferable to the next homeowner, but you knew that.

Please go spend some more time with your handlers and get back to us.

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my 2 cents:

A lifetime warranty is usually a guarantee on the lifetime of the product on the market rather than the lifetime of the consumer (the exact meaning should be defined in the actual warranty documentation). Once a product has been discontinued and is no longer available, the warranty will only last a limited period longer. For example, the Cisco Limited Lifetime Warranty currently lasts for five years after the product has been discontinued.[2]


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Partially true. This is why consumers who think that because most windows have the lifetime warranties, that they must all be the same quality, are sadly mistaken. The warranty is on the "usable" life of the product, not as long as the purchaser lives. This is another reason I constantly warn people to be very wary when dealing with companies who have been in business for less than 10 years.

The Cisco warranty info, which comes from Wikipedia, is correct as it relates to a technology item that has a lower "useful" life. That part of the warranty is also expressed by Cisco in their warranty. Except for very occasional changes in glass and hardware, window manuf. don't conspire to defraud a consumer by discontinuing a product to avoid honoring a warranty as the Renewal salesman insinuated. OTOH, I can call a company like Simonton, Gorell and others and request a new balance on a window made in 1982 and they will honor it. If I request a new I.G. unit that originally had a hard coat low e, they will send me a soft coat instead since they no longer offer H.C. There are also tons of companies that offer replacement parts on discontinued window hardware. All except Andersen.

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Dear Law Professor (aka skydawggy)
First off I do not sell for Renewal by Andersen but I do admit my short comings when it comes to corporate and business law. I will do further research.
The actual items that I listed about "Lifetime Warranties" are legitimate concerns and problems consumers face when dealing with misleading and predatory contractors and companies.
Most people do not realize when they receive lifetime warranties all the problems they will face in the future. And no matter how much you try to pick at my previous post there are a lot of companies out there that use "Lifetime Warranties" as a marketing tool and nothing more.
1. Many companies do go in and out of business, reopen under a new name and no longer honor their warranties. But you knew that, right?
2. Most consumers are not going to take a company to court when the company tells them they no longer offer that product or line.they take it on the chin.
3. And "Most" warranties are not always transferable to the next homeowner. Many companies void the warranty once the home is sold or limit it to one timeÂÂbut you knew that, right?
4. Lifetime Warranties often have a lot of fine print and are often hard to get a hold of before the purchase.
5. Lifetime Warranties are often "Parts" only and trip charges and labor charges get thrown inÂÂbut you knew that right???
As far as the rest of my postÂ..
1. Regardless of how Andersen chose to structure Renewal, you still cannot sell or install a Renewal window. So since you cannot compete with it you have to bash it. Right??
2. Your generalizing everything that people say. Fibrex is a better solution than vinyl, fiberglass, or wood, period. Like I said before....there are good things about each of these frames, however, if you want one that meets all the specific needs then Fibrex is a better choice. And just because Andersen bought out a company to make profits in another area of the window market does not all of a sudden make it equal to a Fibrex/composite frame. But you knew that, Right??

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also Skydawggy...unfortunatly it is misinformed salesmen like you who resort untrue can get parts for any Andersen window dating back to the mid 1930's 1-888-888-7020 here is the number if you need to call and verify that....

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137 Things Window Companies
Wont Tell You About Vinyl

Manufacturers spend millions in propaganda to
convince consumers to buy vinyl.
If you are a typical homeowner blessed
with a visit from your local vinyl window
salesman, youve probably heard
things like: "Our vinyl windows will last
forever. We have a double lifetime
warranty. Nobody beats our prices."
Window dealers sell vinyl, not because
they are so good, but because the PROFITS
are huge.
This article is a compilation of FACTS
derived from many sources such as
books, magazines, and mostly the internet.
Once you have researched vinyl for
yourself, youll think twice before
falling for the sales pitch and putting
poor quality materials on your home.
My confession:
I made over $100,000 per year selling
plastic windows and siding to unwary
homeowners. As an independent contractor
selling for one or more dealers, I
could make thousands on one job by
simply getting a signature on a
contract. If I was making that kind of
money as a salesman, what do you think
the dealer was making?
There were many well scripted sales
"pitches". I was the Marketing Director
or Advertising Manager. If you let us
use your home for a model or show
home, well give you a special deal.
The fact is that if you spend more
than about $250 for most installed
vinyl windows, you paid too
Vinyl framed "replacement" windows being removed after only four years of
use. Twisted frames on a southwest exposure.
Conviction Brings Integrity
At first, I believed what my company told me about vinyl.
"Vinyl is final". It would last forever. Homeowners would pay
upwards of $600 to $1000 for an installed window because the
product was so good. After all, we are giving them a "lifetime
It wasnt until a couple of years into it that my eyes were
opened. Customers were calling all the time about their windows
sticking, water or air coming in, or asking why their
white windows started turning yellow? And because we were
just the "dealer" we deferred all the complaints to the manufacturer.
Unfortunately that vinyl window manufacturer went out
of business and so much for the "lifetime warranty".
I decided to do my homework and really find out the technology
behind vinyl. What was found is astonishing! It didnt take
long before I knew that not only would I never sell vinyl again,
but I would never even put the product on my own homefor
any price!

please Google "137 things window companies wont tell you about vinyl" to see the rest of this article!

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From the law Professor to the Renewal salesman:

First of all I haven't bashed the Renewal product at all. In fact up until yesterday I hadn't even posted to this thread. So please actually read the thread before making generalizations.

Secondly, the Renewal salesmen denegrate their own product when they use examples of low quality vinyl windows to try and scare the consumer into believing all products are going to warp, factories aren't going to honor warranties, and all vinyl window are going to explode and injure them (that's a bit of sarcasm, in case you missed it).

Most warranties certainly are transferable to the next homeowner except the low end windows, which most intelligent people stay away from.

Sure some companies go out of business and then reopen. That happens in every industry. I have always been an advocate of knowing whom you are doing business and only dealing with companies that have been in business for at least 10 years.

I also have never recommended a product to anyone. I have given my experience with different window manufacturers. If you search through all my posts, you won't even be able to find my company's name or what products we carry other than Simonton who has one of the best reputation of any window manuf. including Andersen. We just don't feel we are helping the consumer by denegrating other companies.

A consumer can purchase many of the parts available through the manuf. and through independent companies, many who made the part to begin with. The advantage to the consumer is they have an option other than paying Andersen. That keeps the market competitive something Andersen apparently doesn't like.

But please keep up the falsehoods, most who have been on this site for a while know them for wht they are and your tactics further reinfoce many peoples decision to stay away fron the Used Car, ooops make that Renewal salesmen. Just look at the post above this one. there are actually people who get taken in by these falsehoods. I've debunked almost every one of the 137 reasons more than once.

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Doggy, how can you possibly debunk facts from 3rd party sources? Can you honestly admit that Simonton doesnt have a problem with sash bow if the windows are installed on the west elevation and arent kept locked?? C'mon you have seen it & so have I so lets not kid ourselves. I have been in the window industry over 20 years and the majority of my complaints on vinyl windows are with meeting rails bowed at the interlock, discoloration of vinyl and seals that have gone bad. I have installed Great Lakes, Simonton, Alside and CertainTeed. None better than the other....I have finally wised up and now I have gone to Composites, Fiberglass or wood/clad. Vinyl was costing me too much money in referrals.

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Yes I can honestly say that if a sales rep is doing his job and recognises and advises the consumer that certain size windows that get lots of sun exposure need sash reinforcements, they will not bow. Very seldom do I see a bowed window and I've never seen one that had sash reinforcements. Nor have I ever seem a good quality vinyl window discolor. Cheap builder grade, yes, quite often. In fact we remove more wood windows and replace them with vinyl than anything else. mainly wood windows less than 25 years old. Your 137 reason are just bunk as they attempt to mislead the consumer by using examples of older low grade windows, manipulated installations, sloppy caulking etc. and then make the case that if a consumer purchases any vinyl window, this will happen. It also uses quotes taken out of context and opinions not based on facts from questionable sources. Total BS and you know it whether you want to admit it or not. There is a place in the market for all types of windows and people buy them for different reasons. I simply don't feel the need to mislead the consumer as you and the Renewal salesman seem to. The more the Renewal salemen do it, the less people want your products. So keep it up.

BTW you and the Renewal salesman have avoided my question: If vinyl windows are so bad and fall apart as the 2 of you suggest, why did Andersen buy Silverline Windows. Do you think the Silverline salesman use your 137 reason in their sales pitch? See the duplicity? Can't have it both ways can you?

Would you or the Renewal salesman care to comment on the class action lawsuits against Andersen due to the high levels of argon gas leakage?

Will be eagarly waiting your responses.

    Bookmark   September 17, 2008 at 2:01PM
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First of all Silverline was purchased by Andersen to complete their new construction portfolio needing to add a vinyl product and then distribute it through the American Craftsman (Home Depot) network. This was a simple business decision. Large corporations by companies all the time take for instance Proctor and Gamble purchasing Gilette. Silverline windows are by no means Andersen windows, nor will they ever be considered an Andersen Vinyl window. Even the logo says Silverline "an Andersen Company". The Andersen corporation is completely run seperate from the Silverline company and are in fact competitors in alot of markets. If you study the DP ratings for both products and NFRC thermal performance, its clear that the Renewal product and even the Andersen 400 series outperform any Silverline model.

Second of all Cardinal makes all the glass units for Andersen, the majority of Pella, and the Marvin sealed units. I would beleive if Andersen is having any type of argon migration, Pella and Marvin are experiencing it too. Cardinal is the most respected insulated glass manufacture in our industry and I would have all the confidence in the world that if in fact those units are bad, they will be replaced with no charge to the customer within 20 years of install.

    Bookmark   September 17, 2008 at 7:42PM
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Well sydawggy if you go back and reread my previous posts you will see that the only reason I even posted to this blog was because so many people who were posting had an obvious agenda against Renewal and the composite window. One thing that is quite apparent is that the folks who post on this blog really dont like it when other people who actually know a thing or two about composite windows give there two cents. But thank you for proving my point for me. You have completely given up on bashing Fibrex and have instead chose to try and discredit me because I am a Renewal "Sales Rep", which I am not but even if I were you still dont have a point. There are a lot of great companies out there who work hard for their customers, I have never said otherwise. The only point I tried to make is that there were a lot of previous posts that were using lies and misleading information to try and discredit Fibrex. So since you seem to have a hard time catching my point I will restate it for you again. From my first post..
Truth is when you look for a window frame that meets the best guidelines in ALL the following areas, Durable, Decay-resistant/maintenance free, insulator and stability, wont yellow, then YES Fibrex does beat out all other window materials. That is not saying there are not some good characteristics with other window frames but if you want an answer to all areas, then Fibrex is better.
And by the way, go back and please read a little slower..I did answer your question about Silver Line.
I will admit that I do work for Renewal and I am in marketing, not in sales but I can tell you that we do not mislead our customers in anyway. We simply state the problems of other window frames and let them make the choice. In the market I work in we replace more vinyl than any other type of frames so more often than not..those people have been down that road and dont want to go down it again.
I do have one quick question. If builder grade vinyl windows fail really easily and they are made from vinyl....what are the vinyl windows youre selling made out of???

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Think about putting plastic patio furniture (table and chairs) smack dab in the middle of your nicely appointed dining room. Now think of a beautifully accented Mahogany Avelon Dining room set with intricate detailing and cabriole legs with soft gold tone chenille upholstered chairs.

This is the aesthetic difference between vinyl and wood window interiors. No one wants to have Thanksgiving dinner on a table made of vinyl or worst yet WICKER!!!

Now lemme ask ya Skydoggie...where do you eat your meals?

ahhh..just havin some fun....this site does make for some great debates!!!

    Bookmark   September 17, 2008 at 9:31PM
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Any plastic composite is going to have way to much movement in fluctuating temperatures to last the long haul. The real tragedy with all composites is their lack of recyclability. The plastic sawdust fusion is being exposed as the evil destruction of resources that it is. Look it up. I personally have had good results from Marvin.

    Bookmark   November 13, 2008 at 7:34PM
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are you kidding??? The fibrex composite is the only Green Seal Certified window system in the industry. NOT Green??? C'mon---get your facts!

Wood composites are truly sustainable as the majority of the ingredients are reclaimed.

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I am having problems with my full replacement Renewal by Andersen windows and am doing some web research to see if my experience is unique when I found this discussion.

I, too, thought fibrex would be the best of wood and vinyl, but without either materiels' problems. I was so impressed with the sample of fibrex brickmold I handled that I replaced all the original double hung windows in my house with full replacement rather than inserts. Unfortunately, I probably would have been better off living with the old, rotting wood windows.

My problems seem to be with the frames and window sills as well as the installation. I don't know about the sides, but the top and bottoms all have a crown, bowed up for the bottom sill and bowed down for the top. As such, the straight, square individual window are tying to seal against a curve. You can see daylight in the corners between the window and the frame when the windows are closed and they leak air and water. The worst windows have a lot of condensation in those corners on cold days. My Fluke laser thermometer tells me those spots are only 10 to 20 degrees warmer than the outside temp. It's like having the window cracked open.

Additionally, it doesn't appear that the installer calked the windows to the house like the original windows were, but caulked to the brick and to the vinyl siding. When strong rains force water behind the siding, it rains in the house. Poor quality window material/construction meets poor quality installation at a very high price.

I spoke with a different local window company and mentioned the problems I was having with my Renewal windows. He told me he's heard a lot of similar stories and that Andersen has a lot of trouble with the full replacements. Might just be sales pitch, but that's been my experience with them. I remember one of the Renewal installers saying they didn't install very many full replacements.

The company is going to come back again and hopefully they will replace the warped, bowed frames, including one they've replaced before, rather than just replacing the seals again. If they do, I also hope they have someone do the work who knows how and has done it before. I hate it when my house is their on the job training!

If the fibrex frames had just been straight and the install done properly, I would be singing the praises of Fibrex as the original poster did. The screens are amazing and obviously, a lot of thought and engineering went into the window design. It's just a shame Andersen can't make them straight and square so they would seal properly. Maybe they know how to do that now or maybe mine were a bad run at the factory that day? Whatever. I just want them fixed. My advice?

Buyer beware. I thought I did my research, but this turned out to be a very expensive mistake.

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I own renewals and have none of the problems you are describing. It sounds like you bought a top quality window but unfortunately it was installed incorrectly. Most likely, the installer did not shim correctly (no opening is going to be perfect) so when the window was fastened without proper shimming it distorted the window frame. good luck getting this fixed. try to have a more experienced installer do the repair work.

    Bookmark   March 12, 2010 at 1:15PM
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Thanks for your reply. It's helpful to know that someone has had good luck with their Renewals. Do you have the full replacements or inserts? I believe the inserts are, if not easier to install, something the installers are more familiar with.

My full replacements appear to be shimmed correctly on the sides, though, and I could be mistaken, I don't believe there is any shimming done on the tops and bottoms or that they secure the tops or bottoms.

My theory is that the frames are warped/bent/arched from the factory and the installers simply install what they are given, but you could be right about my problems being due to the installers and not the product itself. Or could be both? Probably the house's fault...

Also? Have you had to replace the side tracks? They've replaced several at my house in the first year. Instead of the gaps between the window and frame being more or less equal on each side, one side will be tight to the frame with little or no gap and the other much wider, indicating a bad track/seal on the tight side. I've got more that way this year and have been using masking tape to seal my windows shut until they can come back and look at them. It's great that renewals are so easy to work on...since they appear to need to be worked on frequently.

At this point in my experience, the Renewals seemed like a great idea. It's just too bad Andersen couldn't make it work, build them to spec correctly and/or teach their people how to install them. That's my experience living with Renewal by Andersen so far. Oh even happens with even the best companies. Look at the trouble Toyota is having! I just got a notice that my Honda Odyssey van has to go in for a recall.

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The reveals not being the same between the sash and frame are not a problem with the weatherstripping system (seals, as you called them). This is definitely a install problem and I would guess the other problems are too. They can change out the (seals), but its not gonna help. Those windows need to be atleast reset and maybe replaced. I have installed RBA and countless other brands, the windows are only as good as the installers. That being said, you bought a quality product and Andersen will stand behind the install for 2 years so if your affiliate is not doing enough to rectify the situation, you may need to go over thier head.

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what a joke. 30% saw dust and 70% vinyl. a strong high quality vinyl window is just as good. call cardinal.they make renewal's glass. ask the engineer if a seal ever failed due to expansion and contraction of the vinyl itself..he will say never.
fibrex is the exact same thing as trex decking. trex is the bottom of the barrel in composite decking.

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I got a quote from both pella and anderson renewal. I can't choose any of these companies with good conscience. I can get a new roof or renovate my small bathroom for that amount. I was quoted 10K+ for one bay, one sliding and two double hung windows. Double hung windows are only replacements and quoted price is 1600? I can install them myself by purchasing pella or anderson windows for 500 dollars total from home depot. I should have known better when they pulled into my driveway in their new expensive german cars. Pella also said if I want to finance the price for double hung would go up to 1800. Finally the renewal guy annoyed me by insisting that I need custom built windows despite the fact that my opening would accommodate a standard size. He also said their product has 60 percent argon, highest by NFRC? Can anyone confirm this? I thought the whole thing was filled with argon. They also want to charge 300 surcharge b/c house was built in 1950s and they would have to check for lead. What is the next tier in terms of windows, clearly I can't afford these and I wont even bother with Marvin.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

$300 to check for lead is not uncommon, however, I would have a lead risk assessor do the testing and give you a legal report.

Financing fees are an unfortunate reality as the day of competitive finance rates are extinct for the most part.

60% argon is not the highest and closer to the lowest. 95/5 Argon/air fill is more common.

Their pricing in out of whack to say the least. You may find that your Marvin representative will present you with legitimate pricing.

Are you set on wood?

    Bookmark   June 17, 2010 at 9:15AM
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Not really, I'm ok with vinyl or fiberglass too. I was told that Marvin is the most expensive brand, is that not the case? I really don't want to waste my time or sales guys' time anymore.

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Marvin is also the best but the best comes with a price tag attached. I think you are going to be better off looking at a vinyl window if price is a big consideration.

Either way, it's also going to cost additional money if your house tests positive for lead paint over and above the $300 cost for the test.

You will also be better off having the windows custom made whichever way you go because it is likely all the openings are slightly different. Why take a chance on a poorly fitting window if you are going to make the investment?

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Could you help me pick the next tier in new jersey in terms of windows? Wouldn't I save money if I modify my openings to fit a stock window?

Price is always a consideration, is it not the case in your life? I have the money, I just don't want to be ripped off.

I got pella windows installed in my other house, I was promised a date and when they blew it by two months I have threatened to cancel my order. Pella sales guy told me that my order around 15K was not going "make or break Pella". Despite that very apologetic supervisor fixed it and they were installed on time.

I'm talking to the anderson sales rep for my second house and asking questions about windows. He keeps complaining how this is his fourth call today etc, then he tells me he can take an additional 370 dollars off if I place the order right there and then. I tell him I find his 370 dollar discount on a 10K+ order insignificant to make an impulse purchase and it only covers the lead testing surcharge. Then a very annoyed looking sales guy tells me - my order is not going to "make or break" Anderson, so I can think about it and give him a call back if interested.

Needless to say I no longer want to make or break these two companies.

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What do you mean by Pella 'blew it by two months' and 'installed on time'? Seems contradictory.

Anyway - are you talking to an Andersen distributor or an Renewal by Andersen salesman? If it's the latter I suspect that's your problem!

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Salesperson suggested that the windows would be installed in 6 weeks. Later I get a phone call from some other lady from Pella telling me that the earliest they could install is 2months + those 6 weeks. That's what I meant.

didn't get much of a help in this forum - thanks anyways.

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In order to give help, you need to tell people what help your looking for. You did not say who is quoting prices and or what kind of window are being quoted or what your looking for. Your post suggests replacements but you do not state this nor do you state new construction. it is not possible to help when no information is given. Then when you give a smart ass response like "didn't get much of a help in this forum - thanks anyways." you probably will not anyhow!

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Not sure if you read all my posts on this thread mr. afsa, but I have indicated that I don't find pella,renewal by anderson's prices reasonable since I was quoted 1600 for two double hung replacements(not full, just replacement). Also I have mentioned that I'm ok with vinyl or wood or fiberglass. Finally, I was asking for the next tier "brands" in terms of quality that do business in nj.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

You can get a very good vinyl insert for $500-650.

You can get a very good fiberglass for about 30% more...usually.

If you don't have a preference otherwise, vinyl is impossible to beat in terms of bang for the buck and efficiency per dollar spent.

Do some research on the good vinyl brands and you will find a nice product to land on.

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If you were quoted $1600 total for 2 Renewal double hungs, then that is an excellent price. Assuming you mean $800 each installed. It may be more than you are looking to spend but it's still a great price. I would suggest you follow the link that Windows on Washington provided and ask your questions on that site. Here is another site you may find helpful. Many Pro's post on both sites but one is strictly dedicated to Vinl Replacement Windows and the other is for all replacement windows.

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Thank you. I will check it out.

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My husband and I are in the process of buying replacement windows for our home. I am looking for a window manufacturer comparison chart that is non biased. I would prefer not to have to give my contact information for it either.

We have been given a quote by Anderson which is more money than most people make in two years in salary. I am not sure I believe all the hype and I felt some dirty sales tacticts were used in the process.

We were told that fiberglass gives off a toxic gas when it gets hot. Is that true? The salesman (driving the German car) said it would smell up the house and be bad for our baby. (I'm pregnant). Any feedback on this would be much appreciated.

I keep hearing composite is the best. If so, are there any other composite manufacturers out there and who would you recommend?

    Bookmark   June 20, 2011 at 1:06PM
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Renewal by Andersen does indeed use some shady sales technics mainly by using high pressure and not taking no for an answer until they get you to sign the contract. As far as fiberglass windows producing hazardous gas, do you really believe this? Do you think these windows would actually still be sold if this were the case?

    Bookmark   June 20, 2011 at 2:14PM
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Yeah - I would talk to a _real_ Andersen distributor - and stay away from Renewal by Andersen. You might want to look at Marvin also.

But even before you start thinking about manufacturers you might want to think about what kind of window you are looking for - insert replacements vs. tear out; material - vinyl, wood, aluminum, fiberglass; colors; etc.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Most, if not all, of what you were told was false.

I am sorry that you had to sit through that.

I would recommend you get some other quotes and do some research of your own.

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Hi everyone,

You sound like professionals, so I wondered if you could help me out. Does any of you have experience with Rationel composite windows(aldus, patus or aura plus)?

and which of these products would you recommend? (if any at all) Rationel composite windows

Thank you :)


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Windows on Washington Ltd


From what I can see, these are not the type of composites than the Fibrex materials is.

The windows that you posted the link to are actually wood window with an aluminum cladding. If they are being used in a Passivhaus designs, odds are that they are quality product.

The little bit that I read looks like it is a solid product however, I cannot comment for certain given that I have never seen the window in person.

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Hello Everyone: I read through the entire post and I am not only confused but my head is spinning as well. Vinyl vs. Composite vs fibrex. Who should I believe?

Here is where i need help: I have a house built in 1976 and is due for new windows because the old ones are single pane and not energy efficient. I called Renewal by Anderson today and the lady gave me a quote starting at $18K then down to $13K after I told her my budget is around $10K for the same windows. My windows are 4 different sizes but nothing fancy. After reading reviews and experiences I am scared to death and don't even want to tackle this issue anymore. What should I do next? Obviously, I need additional quotes but the problem is there is so much variety there and so much difference in various products, it is very hard to compare apples to apples. Renewal guys claims that it took them 19 years to perfect this Fibrex product and it is most stable, etc., etc., compared to vinyl-clad and aluminum-clad windows. PLEASE HELP AND POINT ME IN A DIRECTION THAT MAKE SENSE.
Thanks in advance.

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How many windows do you want to replace? What are the walls in your house made of? What material are the existing windows made from?

    Bookmark   November 28, 2011 at 10:09PM
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I would like to replace all 12 Windows. The walls are brick facia on the West (front) side and siding on the rest (south facing and east facing. The current windows are made of wood with single pane glass with storm windows on the outside.

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Then you need to decide if you want wood, vinyl, fiberglass or a compaosite.

Here's a breif rundown:

Wood-This is a long time favorite especially for those who love in historic homes. Many people like the look of wood and that's all they will consider. The downside of wood is they are not the most energy efficient and they do require routine maintenence and upkeep. The most neglected upkeep is caulking every 2-3 years. Within the catagory of wood, you have all wood, vinyl clad and aluminum clad. Decide first if you want wood and then we can explore that option more.

Fiberglass-A great alternative to wood. Requires no maintenence with the exception of painting occasionally. Will not rot or wear out. Like wood, fiberglass isn't the best energy efficient window but a great choice if energy efficiency isn't a top priority.

Vinyl-A favorite for those consumers looking for a low cost, highly efficient window that requires nearly no maintenence. They are now available in a variety of different colors and finishes. A caveat though, there are many cheap vinyl windows that may start out with impressive energy efficiency numbers but these numbers deteriorate fairly quickly. Better quality vinyl windows will perform very well fo a long time.

Composite run a wide range, There is the Renewal Window which you have already seen. It's basically an average performing window and is marketed through scare tactics and false claims that any window other than RBA will fall apart. There are also vinyl composite windows which perform very well and will last.

This should give you at least a starting point. Please start another thread if you want anymore help or advice as this one has been running for years and should be left to R.I.P.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

The fact that the RBA salesperson started at $18,000 and dropped to $13,000 should be a clear indication of they type of company that particular RBA branch is.

RBA, as skydawggy mentioned, is a very average product and holds no performance advantage over good vinyl, fiberglass, or wood.

The sites that you see trashing vinyl are often sponsored by organizations that make alternative products.

First figure out what you want the window to look like and go from there.

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Thank you skydawggy and windowsonwashington for your very valuable advice. I will start a new thread. All I want is a decent replacement windows that are energy efficient, look decent and last. Material does not matter to me at this time. thanks again.

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I am looking for windows for our 1956 built home. I need 15 double-hung windows. We live outside of Philadelphia, so the weather conditions can vary greatly from very cold to very hot to very dry to very wet. The windows will be used on all 4 sides of our 2-story brick / stucco colonial house.
Our current windows are all wood inside / outside and in good shape. So one might ask why am I going to put myself through all the headaches that people writing in to this forum are having. Well for a few reasons: 1) we have original wood storm windows and we have aluminum triple track, 2) to wash the windows I have to get on a ladder to do it or hire someone, so I would like tilt windows, 3) I want something with no maintenance on the outside, 4) and stop wasting heat through the windows, to name a few.

So I set out to gather information on various windows: Marvin, Anderson, Pella, Kolbe, WeatherShield and Eagle. To my dismay the more I read on the Internet the more disheartened I get. Is there no good window out there?

In the Nov 2011 postings, someone explained the pros and cons of each type window and then they asked if msk59 had more questions to start their own thread. I would like to continue reading those responses, so if msk59 could tell us what the new thread name is used that would be appreciated.

Maybe I should start my own thread, but for now I will just continue with my story and questions here.

The first decision I have to make is do I want replacement windows or new construction windows.
1)The thought of replacement windows is very appealing since I get to keep all the inside wood window molding, I get tilt windows, I slow down heat loss, I get rid of various types of storm windows, and I believe they are cheaper than new construction windows in total effort(purchase, tear out, install, wood molding, and painting). BUT I still have outside maintenance since I retain the outside wood. Now I am told I can cover that wood with something like aluminum or some other maintenance free cover, but then I loose the nice brick mould feature I have on these original windows. Another item that is a concern is the loss of window viewing area. I am told with replacement windows I may loose 2 � to 2 � inches of horizontal viewing space. This may not be a concern for people outside looking at our house, but if I am inside looking out, my viewing area just got cut down.

2) If I go with new construction I get all the features I listed above but am concerned that I am tearing out good old not-rotted wood and replacing it with windows that will fail as described in this thread. And what ever window I purchase it must have brick molding on the outside. That way it matches what the house originally had, although it needs to be able to go in a brick opening or a stucco opening.

So to pick a window will not be easy. I want wood inside with a clad outside. Most likely it will be aluminum, since most manufacturers have brick mould with that type clad. Plus I have to admit we do have Weathershield wood/aluminum clad windows on our 2003 great room addition. My wife does not like them, not because of any of the reasons listed earlier in this thread, but because they are heavy and hard to lift. Hmmmm, if that is the only issue I have I would be very happy.
So any comments to help with my decision would be appreciated.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Get a good contractor.

Stucco installs can be a can of worms if you don't have somebody with some skill doing the installation.

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Good advice and obvious advice.
Is there anything you can shed on the pros and cons of various window manufacturers like Marvin, Anderson, WeatherShield, Kolbe, Eagle, and Pella.
If I were to buy new construction windows wood with aluminum clad, how would you rank these manufacturers and why?
Same question I would ask about replacement windows with wood / aluminum clad.

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Again, it is a good idea to start a new thread as this one has been beaten to death and because of the heading allot of people will not even bother to look at it. Also do a search and allot of your questions have been previously and very recently answered. Not trying to be an ass but if you read other threads it may give you insight to your own questions and then give you ideas for more specific questions.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Product recommendations are ultimate of no impact if the contractor does not know his craft. That was my point and the ultimate recommendation.

Of the wood windows out there, Marvin is one of the best widely available one.

How you outfit the window (new construction or insert) depends entirely on your budget and what you are willing to undertake.

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Chris689 and everyone else, Please note that I started a new thread titled, "Windows or not to Windows (Advice Needed).


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I see it's been quite a while since the last entry ... hopefully there are still knowledgeable people monitoring this forum.

I'm getting ready to replace all 39 20-yr old windows in my home. They're WENCO [now Jeld-Wen] windows and all Southern-exposed windows failed 10 years ago from UV degradation; I've been "gel-coating" those sills since but I'm losing the battle against moisture penetration causing decomposition of the "Fibrex-type" composite material [swelling up like particleboard].

Having this experience, RBA Fibrex scares me ... could the same thing happen with them? The first line of defense is the UV protection of the exterior/clad material. I can't get a straight answer from RBA.

Are "space-age" super vinyls the way to go?

I hope to be dead long before I have to go through this again.

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The price scares me more on the RBA. Look at either the Infinity or Integrity by Marvin as these are Ultrex and you can rest assures that they will not have that problem.

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Renewal By Anderson is a nice looking window unless you have the paint peeling issue. However, in my area, they currently sell for $1,500 per opening, and an average of 30% of that is marketing cost to the dealer. Those constant TV ads and direct mail campaigns are almost one third of what you are buying. That is not value in my mind.

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I am you more confused about my window selection for a new multi-room addition to our home. We currently have Andersen Narrowline wood/vinyl clad windows which are 35 years old. The windows are in fantastic shape, no damage or wear anywhere. Because some of the new windows are going to be in the same room as two of our older windows, we wanted to try to get the closest match. In the Andersens we can get either the wood/fibrex or wood/vinyl. After reading or trying to read all of your comments, my head started to spin. My thought is to go with the wood/vinyl. Any thoughts or opinions?

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Windows on Washington Ltd

The vinyl clad wood will be a better aesthetic match to your old windows as compared to the RBA window.

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10-4 on wow's advice. The vinyl clad product will probably match almost perfectly with your current Andersen windows.

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