cheffrank(VA 7)June 25, 2006

A first for me...this spring, the wine started showing signs of activity. In the barrel since being made, (made from CA grapes in October), I noticed a re-fermentation occuring. I racked it off the lees, gave a dose of meta, and waited. It has now been 3 weeks and still I see small bubbles rising. Even more troubling is the fact that the wines flavor has changed from the fruit notes to being more acidic. Could be VA, I don't know. At first I was hoping it could be a late malo/lactic fermentation. But I am now dreading the worst. This is the first time anything like this has happened to me...any thoughts? I fear all is lost and I will have a large amount of vinegar down the road.

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I find it very strange that re-fermentation has happened after using meta. If the proper amount of meta was added this should never had happened. Have you tried it and how namy times have you racked it? If the wine is still in good condition I would look into a product called "Tannisol" it works miracles at times. Many the time it has saved my behind, and preventing a huge loss. At eight months it should have stopped on its on. Where r u storing it? Let me know. Thanks.

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cheffrank(VA 7)

Puzzling to me as well. The wine was in a 60 gallon barrel, in the basement when the activity started. At that point, it seemed to be in good shape. Clear, fruity, young but pleasant. That was the first racking of the wine. As for the meta dose, I generally use less than the recommended amount, but never had a problem before using this amount. It now sits in 1 30 gallon barrel and 6 carboys. A little cloudy and certainly off flavored.
The wine was made, as I said, back at the end of Sept..beginning of Oct. and went pretty much routine.

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Question- what kind of barrel was it in? Was it properly
prepared to store wine after repeated use. Not one batche is the same. Have you looked into the Tannisol? It won't
fix your problem but, keep it from getting worse.

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