Deck Mosaic Finished

moosaics_cherJuly 3, 2010

Hi All

I thought I'd share a project I did at my vacation place last month. This is the backside of a deck rail - the top and front were done 2 years ago, I just never got to the backside. I used Indian pottery and flint rock. It's amazing that you can just pick worked Indian rock off the ground in the south. I get so inspired in the South and hope to move there someday soon.

Anyways, this was done on cement board then attached to the railing. It was a 2 day project so forgive the quickie design.

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This is really lovely. The rich natural colours are beautiful and the pieces are extra special because of their history. Well done.

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G'morning MOO. Hey, the quickie design is wonderful - so natural and so appropriate for your vacation spot. Where in the south do you plan to move? I have visited your website in the past several times - wonderful mosaics. Glad to have you post here.

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I LOVE Quickie Projects!!! And Thanks for sharing!!! Like Slow said, Glad to have You here!!!! Instant gratification is always great!!! heh heh! My friend Klinger takes projects with her when she is camping, to have fun with, I think there is nuthin' better than a nice relaxing vacation where you have time to create art!!!heh heh!

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Cool project you have there... I always take stuff to mosaic when I go camping...this weekend is the only time I had stuff to mosaic and actually did not mosaic all weekend...

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What a great idea! Good job.

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