I miss mosaic and all of you....

seaglassicJuly 31, 2008

weeks and weeks ago, I had all but stopped checking in here...I got all involved with my DD, her DH and my 2 grandbaby girls...

as heartbreaking as it was, to have them move to Ireland, I did finally get to a point that I started to check in here, to at least see what was going on and new projects being pumped out..

just about the time I had resigned myself to the fact that they were making a new life over there...(he's born and raised in central Ireland) and I missed the littlest one's first birthday and seeing her take her first steps and other things...I have just recently been emailing and talking on phone with DD...

they've decided to move back home here...

yesterday was 5 months, to the day they got on that plane at Sea-Tac airport....leap year day, they left.

one week from right now, they will be landing back at Sea-Tac and coming back to home here....

this is the place that I'll be checking in on again...

maybe with something in the works, maybe just as an observer ....

this is a comfortable and inspirational place to spend time.

I'll be around here, from time to time. maybe with a lap full of 2 grandbabies....

DD is carrying home an extra few pounds...another grandbaby is due in early January!

Becky ;(*_*);

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Oh Becky, what wonderful news!! Can't think of a better way to spend time than with a lap full of grandbabies. Look forward to hearing (and seeing) more from you.
Have a good one!

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What happy news for you! Hope your home is soon filled with munchkin's laughter and stuff you create from broken pieces!

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We miss you too. I am happy for you and the great news. Don't stay away so long.

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Becky, you don't even know me I'm sure, but I'm going to tell you I've thought of you SO many times after reading your earlier heartbreaking post about them moving! I am delighted with your news! HURRAH!

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SEA: I'm so glad you're back and so glad to hear the good news. This place hasn't been the same since you and lots of others have left, but it's still a wonderful forum. Get busy, cuz when you have that lap-full, you'll not have a whole lot of time to mosaic. Make something to commemorate this event. WELCOME BACK!!!

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How exciting for you! Don't know you yet.......but am so happy for you! I'f my Daughter ever took my little grandaughter from me.......I would just die.....
she is my life right now. I alway feel so thankful no "great" jobs have taken my kids from me. I just wonder all the time how long before a damn job will steal my life away. Being a mom is too damn tough......you can let them go, but we never intended to let them go that far!! Good luck to you!

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thankyou, all of you
I had forgotten about the post, when I learned they were going, for real.
until daisyme mentioned the earlier post, I didn't even realize I had 'cried' here.
I searched for it and found it..
Slow, you were the first one to reply and you gave me hope of them returning, being disillusioned and returning soon..
others of you had the same encouragement..
I thought at that time, it was going to be a certain change.

so many of you knew the possibility, when I was blind to it.
thank you, all of you for then and again for now..your encouragement and well wishes.
I so sincerely appreciate all of this.

and having the babies back...that does give more chances of dishes getting broken...lol
I just may sorta help that along! "ooops! oh, sweety, don't worry about it...gramma can put that to good use!"..lol

Becky ;(*_*);

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So glad you're back with us!! Missed your work, as well as your observations on the work of others! Have thought of you many, many times and wondered/hoped/prayed things were working out for the best for your entire family....so thrilled to hear they are coming "home"!


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