Storing Glass Sheets and Scraps

addiesueJuly 8, 2007

I'm looking for ideas regarding storing sheets of glass and my scraps. I want to be able to see the sheets at a glance etc. I have glass EVERYWHERE because I am so disorganized and I'm so afraid one of my little ones are going to get hurt. BUT, I have no clue except to stack it all on itself and that makes me CRAZY and feeling even more unorganized before. I've decided I'm probably going to have to build whatever I need.

Any suggestions or ideas? I'd love to see what someone else has done to resolve this issue....any pictures of your glass work/storage space?


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Remember those old LP/record holders? I use one like that for bigger pieces. Got one at a junk place which has three levels to it and it's on wheels. You can see everything at a glance. I think I got the idea from Nicethyme? when she posted a picture of her work area.

As for the small pieces, I plan on buying a unit of those clear storage bins/drawers on wheels.


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Haaay, I like THAT idea! I see those all the time, have to keep an eye out for one, I like the idea of it being on wheels. Thanks for the tip!

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I like the idea too but it didn't come from me babe, I have no work area... I think it was Calamity.

I have a very precarious stack in my basement!

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for your scraps you know those units they sell for organizing screws etc with the clear plastic bins
or an old party tray thats what i use one of the party trays with the compartments i also have one i use for projects its great cause you can put all you different colors that you want to use together in one place

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Hey Addiesue, I really lucked out when I went to the thrift store one day, I saw this file cabinet standing there, it must of come out of an office, made with heavy duty 1" plywood, and I thought to myself, too bad its all horizontal, and self said, sheesh, couldn't ya turn it on it's side?! I bought it for $12! and was practically doing cartwheels!!! So I suggest you check out ts or 2nd hand office furniture stores, if you have any near you. I have also used big rubbermaid bins on wheels, they're like 3ft high and one ft wide, on wheels, they worked great too. Before that I just used cardboard boxes, with newspaper slid between the glass. Here is a pic of mine, I put it up on another shelf turned sideways cuz I like the height, and have bins for storage for my scrap glass.

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I use my Mom's old canning jars for plate and tile pieces after they're tumbled. Cut and tumbled pieces of glass are either in sandwich bags stored by color family in video boxes or, for larger amounts, in the canning jars.

Having said that, I think using the compartmentalized bins would be better for glass pieces. gotta start looking for one of those at the usual haunts!

Morton sells a storage piece for glass sheets that you could easily make yourself out of a piece of 1x8 or 1x10 with pairs of 1/4" dowel rod drilled into it every couple of inches.


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That's what I did. I used dowels and a piece of 2x12.


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LOL!! Nicethyme, I thought it was you who's pic I saw thinking it was an old LP record holder, but now that I see Haziemoon's set-up, it was her's. I thought that was part of one!! :O) Ooops! Gotta reset a couple of screws in my brain again. LOL!

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ooh, I like that open file.

I use a 2 drawer file cabinet a neighbor threw out for sheets. I use a hanging files for each color and have them organized by color group and from lightest shade to darkest shade within each color group. For glass shards I use shoebox sized plastic bins grouping like colors in each bin in plastic baggies and old pill bottles. I use old mayo and peanut butter jars for pot shards.


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Pea what do you mean hanging files?Pic if you can...mine are just stuck in a box ,very dangerous for sure.janie did you make yours?

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I use the metal frame that was in the drawers and hang the files that are meant hang on the frame(the hanging files you buy at an office supply store. The files are a lite cardboard and can take the weight of a few 12x10 sheets of glass each. Some colors i have a couple of file each of. I like the enclosed drawer system cause I don't have to worry about someone cutting themselves on open glass storage. My studio has the house's attic access in it so sometimes I have to have family or workmen tromping thru the studio to get to it.


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I bought pressed board shelves at Wally world for another reason and they turned into my glass storage area. For now I only have one sheet of glass and it does fit perfectly in the units. I do have one pair of them on their sides and the other pair is up and down as they were meant to be. In the shelf ones I store my scrap glass, which I do have the most of in the smaller size kitty litter pans sorted to color. Got the little pans at the dollar store and they are WAY too small for a kitty to use and they fit perfectly on the shelves. Two will sit inside each other on one shelf if not too full. I have 10 of them. If there is too much of one color I do store the excess in my studio leaving a note in my litter pan reminding me there is spare glass in the studio.

I also use the video boxes for dish tiles and tape one on the end so I know what is in the box and they stack in an old jelly cabinet I have had for years.

I use those snack trays when I am working on a project that have five compartments and they work great.


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Oooo Calamity! I am so jealous.
My large pieces are just propped against the wall.

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Hi all.

I'm on vacation on the other end of the country but I had to check on all of you!!

I use my dad's old sweater cubby turned on it's side to store sheets of glass. I see these "cubbies" a lot at yard sales so I know they are available.

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You know you're a mosaic addict when...

"I'm on vacation on the other end of the country but I had to check on all of you!!"


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Hee Hee! Good one Nice!!! Hope you are having a great time Wench!

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I'm debating on how to store my glass sheets too. Of course I don't have as many as Calam!

The container store has some good storage ideas:
Dairy Crates

Wood Pan Rack

Shelf Dividers

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DH and I made this today from scrap lumber. The only thing I bought were the dowel rods. I'm hoping it will hold all my glass!

We clamped 4 pieces of wood together and drilled holes where I wanted the rods to fit through. Cut the back piece and sides. By no means is it perfect and if I had it to do over would have left more than 2 inches between rods for the sheets of glass. We screwed and nailed it together then threaded the rods through.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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