Window Repair

tlowery04July 19, 2010

When I used to live in flagstaff, I always passed this cafe with a large old storefront window, at some point the glass had broken, and the owner had soldered (like stained glass) it back together. I asked about it one day and they said that it happened during a winter storm back in the early thirties and the current owners grandfather did not have the money for a new window at the time, and by the time he did, it had grown on him. I really liked that window and having no knowledge of stained glass or soldering windows i figured this was the best place to ask if anyone had done it before, and it so, if they could tell me how it is done or direct me to a website explaining it. I find myself secretly wanting to break a window just to practice. =)

Thanks, and I apologize if this is the wrong place I'm new to iVillage forums


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If you get into stained glass you will be addicted for life. Fair warning.

There is a soldering method and a leading method, Do you know which was used on your favorite repaired window?

You can buy books, attend classes, and find lots of sites on the internet.

Where are you located?

Welcome to the stained glass/mosaic forum. People are so friendly and helpful here.

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thank you!

I don't recall whither it was soldered or leaded. I actually didn't know there was more than one way to do it.

I am located in Cashion Oklahoma, There may actually be some classes around here i can take but i haven't looked into it extensively.


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