Wine Suggestions for Usual Non-Drinker

rivkadr(SoCal)April 21, 2006

I don't normally drink alcohol of any sort -- I've just never acquired the taste for it. But I need to drink some wine next week (don't ask why; it's a legitimate reason that I prefer not to go into; and no, grape juice won't do), and am in search of a wine that would be appealing to one who doesn't really like the taste of alcohol. Do you have any suggestions for a wine that is sweet tasting, and doesn't taste strongly of alcohol? A good "beginner" wine? And hopefully something I can easily find at Trader Joes or a local grocery store.


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fedup321(7 NC)

lol...good luck...This question of yours...sounds like a topic on the old game show.."I've got a secret"...I assume by the last part of your suggestion is that you want to buy something at a local store? If your going to try to impress someone with wine for dinner (just a guess).Why don't you just ask them what they pefer..that way you can please them and pour a glass for you and fake it..pretend to drink it..and if you get a chance water a flower with it or pour it down the sink..On the other hand..If you HAVE to drink it..and you're going to buy it..for YOUR pleasure.... Never mind...I give up... Whats the "legitimate" REASON??

Maybe a white zin with a little sugar mixed in?? Or a bottle of Thunderbird?

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Nope, not for someone else, it's for me :)

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Beginner wine, eh? How about a Dubonnet on the rocks? Or a spritzer of equal parts 7-Up and white wine with a twist of lime? A dessert wine like Muscat might be good. Quady Essensia Orange Muscat, maybe. Really sweet, though. Less sweet than a dessert wine but still sweet is Gewurztraminer. Blue Nun (Liebfraumilch) was the classic beginner wine of the 70s twenty-somethings. Sweet again, drink chilled. Riesling and Viognier will also be on the sweet side.

You could always go for the 80s decade beginner wine: Sutter Home White Zinfandel. Koolaid for grown-ups.

If you want to bother you could make a Kir Royale: 1 part creme de cassis, 5 parts sparkling wine. Put the creme de cassis in the flute first and then gently pour in the sparkling wine. Or drink some Ballatore, a sweet dessert sparkling wine. Bubbly and sweet.

Whatever you do, don't drink too much of any of this sweet stuff! You might end up with a headache.

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How much is too much? ;) Thanks for the suggestions! This definitely gives me something to work with.

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More than two 8 ounce glasses will probably be too much. Make sure you eat something before you drink and while you sip. Remember that women metabolize alcohol differently than men, they get drunker faster on less and it has nothing to do with body mass.

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bonelady(Chicago, IL)

For a light white wine tray a Pinot Grigio. It is lower alcohol and lightere than most whites.

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What did you end up drinking?

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timgoodin(W KY z6)

I'd recommend a White Zinfendel (labeled sweet or semi sweet at least). My wife finds she likes a sweet sparkling wine, the "fiz" covers up some of the alcohol taste and looks elegant like Champaign. Unfortunately most Champaign's are dry but occasionally you can find a sweet sparkling wine. Austi Spumonti can be tolerable. Just be careful and don't do more than 2 glasses sipped. I found over the years that wine was an acquired taste.

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Don't mix !

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Why hasn't anybody suggested a German Riesling? That's what got me (and a lot of other folks) into wines. This was back in the stone ages, before White Zinfandel, which is probably most younger people's "starter wine."

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I did suggest a Riesling! I'd love to know what was finally consumed and why!

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I would love to know what was decided on as well. I would have suggested a nice (sweet) dessert wine like a muscat. IMHO

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Oops, sorry, barnmom. I guess I didn't see it the first time around.

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