Tic Tac Toe

stjohnsgypsyJuly 12, 2008

Finally out of a mosaic slump that drug me down...whew! Tore up a necklace for this piece...never wore it after many moons........!! maybe double click to enlarge?

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Go girl...it looks fab. I love it and you are certainly out of the slump. What a great piece. Wish I lived closer, I would ask for lessons.

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WOW!!!! I LOOOOOVVVVE THIS!!!! Klinger and I stopped by a Art Store/Studio that does glass fusing classes...they have these HUGE kilns, one is 4ftx3ft!!! I'M IN TROUBLE!!!heh heh! Anyhoo, I just love this pc, it may be my new favorite of yours!!!! Where did you get the frame??? LOVE IT!!!!

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What a way to come out of a slump!! Double click, then there's an enlarger button - almost like being there to see it in person. Lots of stuff I didn't see via e-mail. This is fabulous. Such interest in each block, w/keep the eye traveling, stopping to gaze, etc. W/keep me busy for awhile just to explore each block. Wonderful piece, GYPSIE.

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LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT GYPSY!! Speaks to my heart. What is this made out of?? WHere will it be displayed?? Fantastico!!!

More Explanation please!!

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OMG ! ! !
That is just simply.... well...
NOT SIMPLY>>>>>>>>>>>>
IT is totally Fabulous...... I just ADORE IT ! !
L@@Ks like you put
it on a old window frame....?
It is some of the best work.... it is so
Wonderful.... It is just a TRIP to L@@K at...
it makes me feel like I am in
KEY WEST or the Bahammas .... I LOVE IT !!!!
Thanks so very very much for posting !!!!
** How long did it take you to
complete.... I know it is a TRUE WORK OF ART !!!
God Bless !
If Your were selling it...
& If I had BIG BUCKS $ $ $
I would want to buy this for my home !!!

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Thank you all so much........MOST everything I do is NOT thought-out....I never know how something will end till it's done..........I can't help it. I've never been organized, only at my real job where it is a must. I have been in a funk for a bit, not inspired.....thought I might be through with mosaicing because I was not inspired to do a dang thing.......but finally the juices started flowing again...........this piece took me over a week..it's so simple and I could have gotten it done sooner..but, stopping and starting, working, domestic crap, happily entertaining my grandson, etc...too tired to work at night, etc. and always scrounging to find "the next thing " to slap on this.....if I was organized and planned out...hmmmmm.....anyway..this is on a metal piece that I bought at Hobby Lobby! On sale......it might go into the gallery that I take things periodically...pricing is hard for me..I do not know how to price anything...............but I would be happy keeping this too....as you can see, enough STUFF is never enough Stuff...for me...........I sincerely appreciate all of your kind compliments.....it also helps pushing me out of the dark hole I was in!

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Beautiful! I like the turquoise in there.
How large is this piece?
What is it in/on?
Oh heck, can you spill your guts about this wonderful piece?

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uniquely, different and very eye catching , love it. Did you do it on backer board, or right on the metal?

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Thanks all...I did this right on the metal.....I think it is approx. 15x15...but will take measurements tomorrow..it's in my Element and it's late!! LOL I named it Earth Works..the piece is metal and I bought it at Hobby Lobby......I can't build things..so I have to buy things already ready.

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That is totally awe inspiring!!! Like Slow said...it'll keep me busy checking out each block.

Be Safe, Rach

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I love how this piece just takes on a life of it's own.
Wish I could work that way. "Too much planning makes
Jane a dull girl!"LOL!!!

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Hey! I resemble that remark!!! LOL!!! I really am full of plans and no work right now!!! LOL! I just had to come back and look at this again!!!! This and Nice's peacock mirror, they are both breathtaking!!!

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Wow, I love all the different looks combined together. So much eye candy to look at. Wonderful job girlie,

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