Windows for New Construction

lohengrin2000March 1, 2008

We are planning to build a home in the Houston area and want our windows to be very energy efficient, durable, and reasonably good looking. Who makes the best windows for the Gulf Coast climate?

Most discussions I have seen here have to do with replacement windows. Is there a significant difference between windows for new construction and those for replacement?

I will not use wood windows because of maintenance and rot considerations, but do vinyl clad wood or aluminum clad wood windows avoid most of the downside of wood windows? If so, which manufacturer provides the best value?

What are the merits of good vinyl windows vs. good aluminum windows in terms of energy efficiency, durability and maintenance?

There is a company called Window World here that sells Alside vinyl windows. Are these good windows?

Thanks for any thoughts you may have

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Although vinyl replacement windows are mainly used for existing structures, your probably in the market for what we call new construction windows. They are usually accompanied with a nailing fin on the outside so they could be mounted to the house sheathing and then covered over with siding, stucco or whatever.

They are available in all vinyl, exterior aluminum or vinyl clad exteriors with wood on the inside. Examples are Pella, Anderson and a zillion more.

You mentioned Alside. They do make a wonderful M/Free window with all the bells and whistles like low e and argon gas (a must today with the high cost of energy).

Although my first love is porches, I've installed windows for over thirty years here in the Northeast and have installed all the above.

Each kind has its' pros and cons. Their warranties (if you read them) are all about the same.

If your looking for something decent that is going to last, any of the above mentioned would do. You could probably expect to get a good twenty years out of them.

Asthetically, they all look basically the same on the outside. The difference is on the inside - wood or vinyl.

Although wood requires maintainance, you can create the look of a furniture finish - a rich look.

Food for thought!

All the best,The Porch Guy

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Sherrie Lagasse Frisone

Has anyone used Paradigm windows?

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