mom2emallJune 6, 2009

So oldest sd was talking to grandma (bm's mom) today. Grandma asked her how her mom'ngs bf's kids are. SD said something along the lines of "how should I know". Grandma responded with telling her "well they are staying with your mom and her bf for the summer....and you all went to the waterpark the other day!"

SD informed grandma that it has been months since bm has even called.

Guess bm painted this picture perfect world for her own bm that included taking 9 kids to the waterpark for the day.(My 3 skids, bm's 3 new kids, and bm's bf's 3 kids).

After getting off the phone sd told us all about the conversation and made the comment that bm can not only take care of her 3 babies but also her bf's 3 kids....but not her and her siblings!

Broke my heart for them! And makes me so angry that bm is too busy playing mommy to her little ones and her bf's kids while she neglects these ones. Makes me even angrier that she is lying to her family about seeing these kids! The nerve of her!!!!!

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It is bizar to me, I don't understand it at all. Would BM be lying about it because she feels ashamed to admit she neglects her own kids? But if she does, then why not do something about it? I just don't get it.
You are right; what a nerve!

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My heart breaks for your SK's. It's so sad, they are at ages where they know what their mom is doing and it must be so hard for them. It's impossible for those of us that love our kids and want to be with our kids (and could never be away from our kids that long) to understand the selfishness of a mother that leaves her own kids to play mommy to someone elses kids.

At least grandma isn't a co-conspirator of BM, like my SD's mom & grandma. My SD is supposed to be with BM during summer but has decided to leave her at grandma's during the week, then go pick her up on Thursday night so we have to drive an extra four hours to get her on Friday at 2. I wish she had a grandma that would lecture and b*tch out BM for what she's doing... not cover for her.

You're SK's are lucky they have the stability you and your DH provide. Now that grandma knows the truth, do you think she'll pressure BM to call or see the kids? It's such a roller coaster for them, I'm sorry they have to live like that.

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can only imagine how ashamed is grandma of her daughter being such a lousy mother, poor SKs. so traumatic for them...

don't want to hijack thsi thread but...


I hope it is getting all documented hourly where is SD and when BM picks her from grandma and when you get her from BM and what is total amount of time SD is wiht mom, it is easy to document by having cell phone record daily: dad calls grandma's at what times as day, then record when he picks her up from mom.

when is the custody hearing? is she at grandmas while mom works then why not having SD wiht her on the weekends when she doesn't work? she comes back home to dads on the weekends?

so neither mom nor dad see her during the week but then dad sees her on the weekend and mom sees her like never? I don't get it. is dad going to address it in court? it is unbelivable. mom wants custody yet never sees her daughter!!!!

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That just breaks my heart! Maybe someone needs to break it down to GM just what a deadbeat her daughter is so she doesn't keep calling and saying things that hurt the kids.

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Ashley, that would be almost as bad as telling the kids what a deadbeat the mom is, it would have the opposite effect.

BM will be caught out in her own lies. The best thing is for the other parties to be super-squeaky-clean and charming and cordial, and not say a bad thing against her. Setting that example will have the most positive effect in the end.

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Grandma KNOWS her daughter is a deadbeat & doesn't see her kids. She WANTS to believe her daughter wouldn't do that, but I'm sure she knows it every time she calls her daughter after one of the kids tells grandma that mom hasn't called or seen them. Grandma is NOT in the dark here... she may put blinders on but she is well aware of it.

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such a crock. How do people become so full of sh&t?!?

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