gcpommomJuly 15, 2008

Well, I got tired of waiting for my purple glass to arrive in the mail so I could finish the vase/urn, so I picked up this box at a yard sale, and started working on it. It was already painted blue, it was a snowman kit, you can still see the snowmen on the lid if you look carefully!

I'm going in the opposite direction, and making it a 'summer theme' box.

Not sure how to do the sky; since the water is blue, I'm not sure how to make the sky stand apart from the water (does that make sense?).

Hope you like!

Judy B.

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Well I LOVE it. What a nice design. I don't know much about "painting" in glass, but only thing I'd suggest on separating the sky from the water, is a mixed bag of blues/white, and maybe a small cloud??? It looks pretty good w/the existing paint - maybe a purple sky or pinkish and light blue mixed???

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Oh I love it! Anything to do with the beach and I'm there!
Try some crash glass for the sky maybe?
Are these cigar boxes you are doing?
I can get my hands on some I think.

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Thanks for the nice comments! Texas: it was a snowman kit box, was painted blue with snowmen on top. It is larger than a cigar box, and the sides (which I haven't started yet) are recessed in--I am thinking I can put some seashells on the sides since they have some depth.

I never thought of crash glass, it's a good idea, but I've never done that before. It would work, though, since the box is already blue; I could paint some clouds on. But I only have regular clear glass, no shatter-proof stuff. (I think that's what I would need)

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Cool box,find a glass that is kinda smeary with blues and whites lighter than your water..

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Pretty! I liked the idea of using crash glass over the blue that is already painted on. Go to your local glass repair shop and see if they have any glass they haven't thrown out yet....I got a huge box of it cuz they had just replaced a patio door and hadn't thrown out the broken one yet. Good luck!

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Judy I love you box. It is so neat. How about using maybe some soft oranges for the sky like a sunset on the beach?

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