Wine left out overnight.

freedeeMarch 19, 2006

After a party, two full bottles of good red wine were left out, left open, overnight. I put them in the fridge in the morning. Is there anything I can do with them?

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take them out of the frig and start drinking them :D

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I so agree. I like warm red far better than cold red. And if you have a problem drinking it, throw it in your pasta sauce or cook a roast in it.

Any which way, do NOT throw it out.

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It should last a week or so in the fridg - but let it come to room temp before you drink it!!!

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dgriff(z8 VA)

You would be suprised what a day can do to actully improve a wine.

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frenchy_fl(Z10 FL)

According to French modicum for proper wine drinking, red wine should be consumed at room temperature. "Room Temperature" refers to the room temperature of a wine cellar, that being 55 degrees.

White wine should be chilled to a lower temperature than the wine cellar.

Wine keeps much much much longer than a week after opening. Air does not affect wine that much unless you are a wine snob.

After wine has been fermented to it's peak and then has been stabilized, aging is counted in terms of months or years, not days.

Hope this helps.

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timgoodin(W KY z6)

All the answers you received are good advice. Red wine can tolerate exposure to oxygen a little longer than white wine without oxidation being apparent. There might be a slight off taste (flat tasting) but there would be absolutely nothing wrong with drinking it. If exposed long enough to certain bacteria it can turn into vinegar but you are talking weeks. I use the bottle covers with the hand air pump to remove much of the air in the bottle, it can keep for several weeks sitting on the kitchen counter with little if any notice of oxidation aftertaste. Dump some into some marinated mushrooms and onions...yum yum. Makes me hungry just thinking about it.

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