Self Closing Automatic Sliding Patio Door Screen

key1ccMarch 13, 2012

I have a sliding glass patio door with a sliding screen door and I would like to replace it with a self closing one or convert it to a self closing one with an automatic closer to keep the bugs out when the kids leave it open.

Anyone know where I can get one?

Thanks in advance.


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Ryobi used to make a sliding screen closer maybe try HD (god I hate recommending anyone shop there).

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Thanks millworkman

I looked into this and could only find the ryobi hydrolic sliding door opener but it is designed for much heavier 40 kilogram sliding doors.

I have done some more research and I think I am going to try building my own.


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that may have been what I was thinking of

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Well..... try not to laugh to hard but I built my own automatic door closer and it works great. Better than I could have ever expected. I attached some pics to show how simple and easy it is and it takes less than 1/2 hour. I used items I had around the house. I took some pics so I will try and explain each. Here goes...
The first pic shows the 2 brackets some fishing string and a tube of caulk that i used to complete the job. you may have to come back and look at this one after you see the others. Whenever the door is opened and released it closes securly all by itself.

The 2nd pic shows the attachment to the screen door.

The 3rd pic shows a bracket attached to the house. I used clear fishing string threaded through the bracket so it is hard to see

The 4th pic shows the fishing line attached to a tube of caulk which I am using as my counterweight to close the door.

The 5th pic shows the final look and has the tube of caulk nicely hidden in grey PVC pipe.

In the last pick I drew where the string would be if you could see it to show the overall simple design. Basically the weight of the caulk tube closes the door, and it's up and down movement is hidden in the grey PVC pie.

It may be crude but it works great and was fast and cheap!.


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That is pretty cool.

Gotta love the ingenuity.

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Looks very interesting, nice job.

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