broken seal on skylights

sduck2March 17, 2008

I have 2 skylights in the bedrooms and the seals have broken (I'm guessing). The skylights were pre-existing when I purchased the house 12 years ago. Someone told me they were Anderson windows and surprised this happened. Also the enclosed shades dried up and broke, the turn mechanism keeps falling off, but I've never had leaking problems. Should I replace the entire skylight or can I get the glass fixed? What type of company/contractor would I contact and how would I know they were reputable?

I'm in the Boston area and the skylights are up on the second floor so I'm not sure if I need to wait for spring, which I hope comes soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The condition of the two existing skylights as described should be replaced entirely and can be done now.
Check out Velux Brand at your local building store or online at

No doubt a professional installation is an important requirement as we are dealing with proper flashing to prevent any water infilration through the years ahead.

Depending on the new model you choose, the installation of the two could run 500 to 750 each.

As a last resort, the failed glass cartridges, if still available, can be replaced at a lower amount.

Ask around and get some opinions of others.

Good Luck
The Porch Guy

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Any updates on the fix vs. replace dilemma? I'd like to keep my skylights out of the landfill. There is no leaking, but the seal is definitely compromised as a couple of the skylights "fog up". I'm trying to locate someone who can help me make these repairs. Any information would be helpful.

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One thing to consider, while it is good to try and repair, you might want to check the energy efficiency of replacing. My old skylight was single pane glass. My new one is double pane and significantly reduces the heat transfer in the summer (I live in Calif. so winters aren't so bad).

Good luck!

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