I am pretty sure I killed my new grape vines.

bricore(35131)March 17, 2013

I bought 4 grape vines about 2 wks. ago (Thompson and Flame). They did have a small amount of new growth coming out of them. I planted them in a big pot (wasn't ready to plant them in the ground yet) and watered them. The very next day you could see (on 2 of them) that the new grow wasn't happy (turning yellowish/brown.) The new grow just withered away. The other two I bought are doing the same thing but slower.

Can I save them? What should I do?

Thanks for your help in advance.

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Try asking this question on the gardening side.. This forum isn't very active.. : (

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bejay9_10(zone 9/10)

Not sure what your climate is - however, I'll share my own experiences with Thompson and Chardonnay types.

The Thompson was planted on an arbor - this is it's 3rd spring. Actually, It didn't look like it was going to survive either. Some one said they get "Pierce" disease, and I assumed that was the problem. The main vines got all spotty - and the leaves looked awful. I learned grapes need severe pruning - (90 %) - so whacked it pretty hard and said a prayer.

This spring - I tossed some aged chicken manure at it - even tho it looked almost dead. Well - the sun came out - the weather got warmer and now the entire arbor is full of vines.

So maybe it's just a quirk - but for now I'm hopeful.

The Chardonnays are in another spot - an arbor next to the house that reflects southern sunshine - and is looking very well. My only concern is - that my location - 6 blks from the ocean - with summer fog - may not be to their liking. But who knows - perhaps this year they will be stronger.

I suspect they like a lot of heat.


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