klingerJuly 8, 2011

I've made a few sphere's and Slow asked me to post and explain how I did them.For the blue one I used an exersize ball. I did three layers and used drywall mesh and fibres for addition strength. I added some fibres to my concrete mix and did three thin coatings by applying the cement like thin hamburger patties with strips of drywall tape in

between for additional strength. I left a rough opening on the top, let the air out and removed the ball. I've painted the inside black, and left a small hole in the back to run electric and usually use it with a mister inside. You could mosaic both in and outside if you wanted.

I have another one that I started to make and just couldn't

get the cement mix to cooperate with me. I ended up just putting three balls of cement on the top of it and when it cured I upended it and turned it into a planter, although again this could be mosaiced.Both of the above I painted shades of blue.

I also made a concrete solid sphere and mosaiced it. I use old glass light globes, fill them with concrete and let them cure then break the glass off.I've made a number of bubblers using this method, just inserting a piece of pipe or tubing in your glass globe while you add the concrete mix around it.


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OK - that does it - I'm going to go buy an exercise ball TODAY. Oh, wait - I have a grotto to build. And oh, wait, I promised my friend and daughter that I would make another castle after the grotto. OK, fine. The exercise ball w/be the third project. Oh, wait - there's Christmas presents to begin. Lordy, I need more hrs. in each day, or more energy to work longer. KLINGER. I absolutely LOVE the Little and Lewis sphere w/the hole in it, and I LOVE the little planter. W/the three layers, they look thinner than the two layers I did on my leaf. I gotta work on that. Thanks so much for posting these. What inspiration. Lord, I don't have time to get old and sickly - too much to dooooooooooooooo.

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Been to Klingers: The sphere in the first pic looks soooo amazing with the mister inside...mesmerizing! We were at a nursery a few weeks back now, and saw a really nice mosaiced dish type like the one with the ball/legs and it looked great.

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WOWOWOW!! I love that big blue ball! (Does it fill up with water when it rains?) That is SOOO cool. And thanks so much for sharing tips on how you did it.

I just went to an art exhibition of garden sculptures. I'll link my blog below where I posted photos if you want to check it out. Unfortunately, the battery on my camera died before I got to a lot of it (including much of the concrete and mosaic work they had GRRRR). But my point is--short story long--the artists offered each piece for sale so each had a price tag. Do you know what you could sell that blue ball for in the bay area???? I'm talking 4 figures.

Anyway, love your work. I know Calamity and Slow have mentioned it before. Thanks so much for posting.

Here is a link that might be useful: Loribees Garden Blog

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Those spheres are awesome. I'm getting a workout ball next time I see them for sure. It would be perfect in the front of my house.

Thanks so much for sharing your inspiring work.

Lori, those pics are great. The Ruth Bancroft is on my must see list. I saw another blog post on this exhibit and if I find it again I'll certainly post that link.

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Hi Klinger! I'm the one who was asking about making a sphere bubbler. Thanks so much for posting your pics and method. I have all my supplies gathered and pretty much know how I'm going to proceed, but still afraid to take that first step... :( It's been so darn hot here and I'm so heat intolerant. I just need to do it... Hopefully tomorrow!

Thanks again!

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