Today I Bit The Bullet!

Suzi AKA DesertDanceMarch 11, 2009

The deed is done! Cost me over a hundred bucks, and I had to go to two online sites for my beginning wine making supplies. Why two sites? Neither one had it all. What did I buy? Well, a 2 gallon primary fermenter, 4 one gallon glass jugs with drilled stoppers and airlocks, a hydrometer and that jar you should get for it, some ph test strips, 6 packets of yeast, yeast nutrient, camden tablets, a siphon, acid blend, and some other stuff.

I didn't order corks, although everyone I know is saving their bottles for me. Getting those labels off is tough. I figure I'll just make jug wine to start.......

I will admit I got tempted and ordered four of those flavors you blend with sugar and vodka to make some cheap but tasty cordials....Grand Marnier, Sambuca, Amaretto, and Kaluah.

I have the Walmart Blackberry Jam and some Frozen White Grape-Cranberry Concentrate to start my hobby. I have the backyard vineyard (some on order and some planted) for the day they produce (three years from now) and the day I graduate from hobbyist to genuine wine maker!

If you have suggestions for me, I'm open!


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I apologize for sounding so critical, but you really got swindled on your purchase. Especially for what you paid.

But having been a home winemaker for a while, I'll suggest a few things.

1. Subscribe to Winemaker magazine. It has a lot of very good info.
2 and/or find a local home winemaking club and consider joining.
3 You'll need something like Potassium Metabisulphite for sanitation of
And kind of depending on what all you plan to make (wine kits) you may
want to purchase a 6 or 8 gallon fermenter and a 6 gallon carboy.
Fermenting in 2 gal quantities might be more trouble than its worth.

Shop around for better deals. There are other places out there that don't
charge so much and you get a better deal.

One place I do a lot of business with is Gem Vintners in Ohio. They have a good selection of wine kits and equipment and their shipping rates are really a great deal.

In any case, good luck.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

Thank you for your advice. I'll try Gem Vintners for my next order, of which there will be many! I've got my first batch in the secondary with an airlock, and a new batch fermenting. I know the 1 gallon size is sort of a waste of time, but I have 2 problems. Lack of muscle, and lack of space. "Muscle" is always hanging around, and he's willing to help, but "space" is hard to find!

Thanks again! What a great hobby!!

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