my homemade wine

mike6440March 28, 2008

I have made a couple diffrent types of wine. strawberry, appledandelion. i dont use any kind of sulfates. just sugar,yeast,juice,and water. the one problem i have is it taste like moonshine its to harsh. i use what the resipe calls for. any ideas? thank you!

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makalu_gw(z5b NY)

Without seeing the recipe, it's a little tough to tell. A couple of things though;

How long are you waiting after the wine is finished before you are tasting? Wines can take a few months to mellow out some of the harsh alcohol taste.

Some of the fruits you mention may not contain the amount of acid necessary to give the wines sufficient body and when the wines are thin, the hot taste is accentuated. If you can spare some, take a half glass or so of the wine and add a drop of lemon juice, swirl to mix and see if it makes a difference.

It could just be that there isn't enough fruit in the recipe (or too much sugar) that there is enough flavor / non-fermentables left when the yeast is done working (assuming you're using a decent wine yeast).

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i make wine and mine usually comes out good...i like my wine sweet so i use mroe sugar than it call for and i make it with muscadynes or black grapes and cherries..also yeast..i never use fruit juice..hope this helps

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What type of yeast are you using? That could be it also. But age really does help also, 6 mths is a good time period. Also, if you don't stop fermentation and it keeps eating the sugar it will run the alcohol % way up too. You can stop the process by adding potassium sorbate and still have some sugar for sweetning leftover.

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In my experience, going over 10% alcohol with a fruit wine will give you that flavor.

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