2 GOG Windows Finally Finished

addiesueJune 4, 2009

Hi all,

I LOVE reading this forum...there is SO much talent here! I also love seeing all of the pics...they are so awesome and inspirational. I've posted here before but I'm a little slow in finishing my projects. I've got pics of two windows I just finished back to back that I wanted to share. Thank you for sharing all of your pics and ideas....keep them coming because I've learned everything I know from this forum.

My pics: http://s198.photobucket.com/albums/aa127/Addiesue1966/


Here is a link that might be useful: My Photobucket Page

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Addiesue those are so beautiful!!!!Did you paint behind the window or right underneath the glass that you glued onto?

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Hi Emtnest,

The only painting done is on the window frame. The window is cut stain glass glued to the glass window and then grouted.

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Your work is sooooo BEAUTIFUL!!! I too have a door I want to do. Yours has inspired me. Just gorgeous!!!! Thanks for sharing

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A hundred WOWs on these, ADDIE. Man alive, that w/take me forever - your work is just GORGEOUS, and so detailed. I envy people who can "paint" w/glass. I probably could, if I'd just slow down and take my time. Looks like a painting. What's next, girlie - you're GOOD!!!

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Stunning Addie, these rival any GOG's I've ever seen - they are absolutely stunning! WOW

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beautiful! You've got guts, I have a lot of windows and a lot of empty window frames just screaming for glass. I don't think I have the nerve or the talent to do what you have done. These are very professional. You certainly didn't get the steady hand and eye to cut glass so perfectly here did you? If so I want an infusion of that. Did you use Mac Glue or what adhesive? I notice you did a good job of adhering it as I see not grout ran under. Wonderful job...keep up the good work..

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B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.!!!!!Perfection!!! I have about a dozen windows just sitting there...one day!!! Thanks for the Eye Candy!! Where are you gonna put these babies? Just a lovely job, inspiring!! Jane

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Thank you everyone! You are all so kind and modest too because I've seen your work and, I have to say, I seem to get SOMETHING in the way of inspiration from every pic I see on here. Like I said before, talent runneth over on this forum and if anyone is stuck or needing inspiration all they need to do is sign on and read (and look) at this forum. There is so much that can be learned from casual dialogue even. MY next project is either going to be a cross with flower vines climbing around it or, I have a really big window I'm saving for a GOG project of two swans. I'm kind of intimidated by the whole swan project so I've been putting it off but I really want to try it soon.

Flagtruck: When I first started working with glass on glass I watched the forum and noticed several members swore by GE Silicone II so I tried it. I wouldn't use anything else now. It dries clear and with a strong bond. I buy it in the large tubes that have to be used with a caulking gun. Each of my windows you saw took almost a full tube a piece. I usually just squirt a huge glob the size of my fist on a paper plate, sit down in front of my project and generously butter it on with a Popsicle stick. After the pieces dry you have to cut away the parts that have gushed out around the sides so, unfortunately, the cleanup part takes the longest, but well worth it.

Here's some tips I've learned either on this forum, or on my own (probably from desperation...lol) I would like to share with everyone....

After the silicone has dried, I first use a round copper wire brush I bought that fits my drill and go over my entire piece and that removes the silicone stuck to the top of the glass (and it doesn't scratch the glass), and then what's left, I sit down with my exacto knife and tiny little flat head screw drivers and start digging out. If I'm planning to paint the window frame I always paint it first before starting the glass gluing because if I get silicone on it, even if I wipe it off right away, chances are it won't hold the paint very well. One trick I've learned out of desperation tho, rubbing alcohol will take of silicone pretty well if you do it before it dries...including your hands. I always wear thin latex gloves when I silicone just for mess sake but sometimes I get it on the frame/my hands or I have to tear up some glass I just laid. Also, I usually have a mess on the glass and so I like to clean the glass with a paper towel and alcohol before I lay down each new section of color to the project.

One other trick I've learned that many probably already know but I didn't. The copper wire brush I mentioned, works GREAT in removing grout from the top of your project. I'm horrible when it comes to the grouting process. I always get scared and start wiping it off before it has time to set up, thus pulling it back out of my grout lines and having to redo it.....AUGHHHH!!...and the MESS, OMG the mess...I hate it! I prefer black grout and I usually have it on the floor, me, my clothes, every cloth I own, and it also ends up staining my finger nails (latex gloves are useless when it comes to the grouting process!) So, this last project, after starting with the same grouting routine and ending up frustrated, I mixed the grout really thin, poured it over the project, sloshed it around with my hands a bit to make sure I broke all the air pockets in my grout lines letting the grout run in to them, and then I walked away and left it alone. I went back and spritzed the top with water twice over a 3 hour period but then left it to dry over night. The next morning my piece was completely covered with hardened grout (kind of scary looking) so I took my drill and wire brush and went over my entire project and it took off the grout perfectly right down even to the glass and didn't pull it out of the grout lines. I worked a little at a time because of the dust, stopping after each section and vacuuming all of the dry grout powder from my piece. I didn't have the mess of trying to wipe the grout off! Once I was done I used my buffer pad and buffed it out and I was done with the grouting process! If you have a drill (or access to hubby's) go to Home Depot and buy a round COPPER wire brush thats made for a standard drill (around $6.95) and try it on your next project. Remember to wear a fiber mask. When you start to see the dry grout start to fly in to the air stop and vacuum the power up before continuing. I did this inside my shop but it would probably be safer as far as the dust goes, if done outside, and I might try that next time. It was so easy and fast that I don't think I will every go back to the original way.

Hope my hints help someone and thanks again for sharing all of your hints and ideas. I love reading them!


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Thank you Jane....I see your work on this forum all the time and you are quite talented and inspiring. Thanks for sharing with us!

The window with the red birdhouse is mine and is hanging in my bathroom window. The one with the hummingbird is my very first commissioned piece and has been sold (YAAAA!). I'm not doing it for the money but if I can sell one now and then what the heck...it will pay for my habit...some people do crack...I do glass and I don't have to tell you glass ain't cheap! LOL


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Those are truly works of art! I was blown away looking at them. And thanks for all your tips. I am getting up the nerve to do a GOG window so seeing everyones work on this forum is pushing me forward.
Everyone on this forum tries to help each other & us newbies..so thanks

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Thank you fldirt and you're welcome! When you're ready to get started with your windows feel free to ask questions. This is the first place I start to look for answers and usually can find them in the history of this forum. But, if you have any for me specifically feel free to email me at vicky@ismasters.com.

Someone mentioned having bad silicone one time and that reminded me....I found out that some silicone can go bad at the factory before it even hits the stores. I found this out the hard way. The window you saw with the bird house was the project I found this out with. I had ALL of my pieces glued down and waited for days for the silicone to cure and it never did. It was like vaseline and it never hardened. I jumped on this forum and did some searches and found out some silicone could go bad and I knew I had some....I was sick.....I actually threw up. I finally accepted that it wasn't going to cure and had to pull every piece off, soak it and clean it with alcohol, and then clean my window before I could start reapplying my pieces....It tooK DAYS and DAYS of work!! NOW, I test every tube before I jump in to the main project by running a bead on a paper towel or paper plate and if it's going to set up it will with in an hour or two. That's the only bad experience I've had with GE Silicone II but once is enough. So test your silicone! lol.

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Thanks for all your good tips and experience..I will have to look for a brush at lowes next time I am in town. Could you show us a picture of it....I had forgotten about silicone going bad...that's what is the matter with some metal fish I just put tg on..It has not cured, so guess I will have to scrape it all off and start again...I was reading your post and a big lightbulb went off. I have to finish up a few things and then I intend to do a GOG.
Thanks again...your work is beautiful.

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Thank you, Flagtruck. Here's a pic and a correction regarding the wire brush. I said COPPER but I meant BRASS wire brush. And, I chose brass only because it is a soft metal but copper probably would work just as well. Here's a link to a pic of a set that I found as a reference only...I'm not trying to sell anything, it's just that I don't have a pic at this very moment of my brush. Mine is like the first one in the picture and I gave $6.95 for it at Home Depot and it fits any standard drill.



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Those windows are gorgeous! just awesome stuff!

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Drooling all over my screen here. LOL. GORGEOUS work girlie, they are truly beautiful!! Thanks for the tips, I have got to get the never to try a GOG. How big are there and where are you going to put them??

What a grand entrance you have made!!!

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Thank you mermaid4life! I found that the best way to find your nerve is to just jump in with both feet! And, this forum has so much talent and experience that if you get stuck you can always log on here and find your answers...pretty much every time. That's why I love this place!

Both windows measure 34" x 21". The one with the bird house is mine and is hanging in my bathroom window. The hummingbird window has been sold and is suppose to be picked up tomorrow.


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Addiesue, your windows are gorgeous!! Love the detail and flowers and just everything! Thanks for all your tips, I've done about 5 gog windows and cleaning up the glue is my least favorite part, scraping with an exacto knife takes days. I've had some bad silicone, I buy tubes of marine silicone and a couple had little hard pieces in the glue, like little tiny pebbles under your glass......so frustrating! I pay good money for that stuff, next time I'm taking it back! I've got to get one of those wire brushes....thanks for that tip. Seeing yours has inspired me to do another one, I have an 8 paned one waiting for inspiration. Here's my favorite window.

eFrom Mosaics

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Oh Squirrelly! Love it! I too have had bad Marine silicone!!! I'm squeezing like the dickens trying to get it out of the tub, then taking the "rocks" out!lol! But I just love that marine silicone as it dries sooo fast!

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Addiesue... absolutely gorgeous gog!!!
The birdhouse and bird look so real and your surround colors just bring it all an almost 3-D look. Wonderful work!
Squirrley... yours is gorgeous, gorgeous, too!!!

I have to thank you both... for having the patience to do this intricate and precise work. It's gives the world beautiful art! I read your technique of grouting, Addiesue... and again... your patience is awesome!

Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for the compliments everyone!!....and squirrelly, that window ABSOLUTELY takes my breath away! Your's looks more detailed than mine and just blows me away with all those beautiful colors. Your barrel vase looks so PERFECT too. I'm lousy when it comes to precision so that's why I think I love doing flowers and leafs because nature isn't precise. I can see why that window is your favorite....I can hardly stop looking at it...lol. As my daughter would say...."SWEEEEET PIECE A CANDY!"

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Your work is really amazing and so inspirational. I want to try, but I am sure I could never do anything so detailed and professional.

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Beautiful work. I keep an eye out for windows, but either don't find them or they want $25/$40 for them.

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It is really beautiful...when I first looked at it I thought it was tempered glass w/paint underneath... but now I see...Squirrly yours is beautiful too...I've only done 3 and I have tons of windows... the thing that keeps me from starting another is that my windows are huge one piece and I think my fear is that it might break. If any of you were in northern Calif. I would share my windows with you, I have so many I'll never get to them all in this lifetime...

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