Wine with a hint of licorice

pump_toad(z4 iowa)February 5, 2010

About a month ago I saw a ad for wine that mentioned a hint of licorice. I thought I would remember so I didn't write it down. That was a mistake . I am very fond of anise flavor so this sounded great to me.Anyone, have any idea's?

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There are way too many to mention. It's a common flavor note that people pick up in a variety of wines. It's nothing like pure licorice of course, more like a hint that you notice when you taste, in the same way you might notice black cherry, pomegranate, sandalwood, graphite, tar, strawberry, etc. Some of the compounds in wine remind us of flavors we're familiar with and some are in fact the same compounds.

A lot of young red wine from CA that has spent some time in wood will display a bit of that flavor.


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pump_toad(z4 iowa)

Thank you for your reply. I am thinking now it was a red Beringer wine which would be Ca. I asked the manager if he could remember the ad but of course he couldn't either. My fault, so I guess I will just have to enjoy taste testing!

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