what's the best glue for this project

wishdishJune 5, 2011

I'm helping with a VBS project at my church - the 4th & 5th grade girls will be making mosaic crosses. I use Weldbond when making mine, but do you think Elmer's glue would be good? Or are there other craft glues that are okay too? I do like Weldbond because it's kinda thick and I worry that Elmer's might be too runny and get kinda messy. But it is cheap and readily available. We are gluing vitreous tiles onto mdf crosses. We'll glue one day then grout the next. I know Weldbond would be secure by the next day. What about Elmer's or other glues? Would 24 hours be enough? I'd hate to have tiles popping while the girls grout. I'm sure that would cause tears! Suggestions?

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Yes, WISHDISH, you can use Elmer's or any white glue for interior projects. Aleen's Tacky Glue is another good one. Nice to see you - it's been a long time since you posted.

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thanks SLOW. so do you think the Elmer's will be really good and dry by the next day? I'm going to try to mix the grout pretty dry for them, but if they use more water than they should when they wipe it off, do you think the Elmer's might fail? of course, hopefully they'll follow instructions, but they are kids. And there may be as many as 65 of them. Yikes! I am planning to bring a tube of liquid nails for any emergencies pop-offs!!

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I've used several white glues, and never had a problem when grouting - wet or dry. Kids tend to use too much glue, though, so watch the amount for an over night drying - can't guarantee that, but you'll just have to play it out. Smart thinking on the emergency - LN or GE II. I use GE II in the event of a bead or pearl coming off during grouting.

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i met with the vbs director today and she said the church has gallons of Aleen's Tacky Glue? Have you used that? I did get some little brushes, cheap ones that won't hold much glue and I'm going to let the girls use them, because they'll help to keep the girls from putting on too much glue -- i hope!!

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As I said in my first response, I've used Allen's Tacky many times, and LOVE it for inside projects. Be sure and warn the students, though, that none of the water-based glues w/hold up if they put them outside. Giving them brushes is a great idea for spreading the glue. Good luck on your project.

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ah i hadn't caught that you mentioned using tacky glue. that's what we'll go with. i'm ordering tiles tomorrow. i'm excited. i think the girls are gonna have a great time. thanks for your help!

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