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soonergirl1968June 17, 2010

I recently discovered the "Garden Junk" forum and was so excited to see so many projects! I didn't really have any "Garden Junk" so I posted pictures of my pebble mosaic and another member suggested I come visit you guys. Anyway... here is a link...

Calamity - I see you're over here, too! :) Love your castle BTW! You have done a beautiful job with your yard!

Here is a link that might be useful: Pebble Mosaic

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OHMYGOODNESS. I LOVE your mosaics. Tell us how you do it and your source for the pebbles. I noticed that they are made in sections. Sure w/love to see your progression and how you work. I took the liberty to look at your garden album also. LOVE the beds at your hot tub, and the rooster. Did you make it? Welcome to the forum.

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Thanks, Slow! The pebble mosaic is 18 ft. in diameter, consists of 47 sections and weighs about 6500 lbs. I came across a book by Maggy Howarth in the book store and fell in love with pebble mosaics. It took my dad and I 10 months (working every weekend) to complete it. I bought the pebbles from a stoneyard locally, some from Dallas (both of which where Mexican beach pebbles) and had some shipped in from Seattle (which are imported from Indonesia.) The Mexican beach pebbles are my favorite. I also used my tile saw and grinder to cut pieces of limestone and granite for the fish fins, tree trunk, Celtic knot, etc...

I learned everything I needed to know from Maggy's books. She is phenomenal!! Her work is absolutely amazing.

Basically, Here are the steps (simplified)
 Made the design on my computer & had it printed full size.
 Cut it into "manageable" sections
 Laid the section I was working with on plywood and covered it in clear plastic
 Screwed wood blocks around the edge of the design and lined it with metal flashing
 Filled it about 1" deep in sand
 Placed the pebbles
 Poured in grout, then concrete
 After it cures, flip it over and clean it off

Hope that gives you a general idea :)

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Oh MY!!! What large projects. Thanks for the info. Doubt if I'll ever be doing anything on that scale. Your method sounds like you're a professional. I've never used the indirect method. I REALLY admire your work.

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I'm so glad you found us over here and that you posted that AWESOME pebble mosaic!! Hope to see more of your projects real soon!!

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OMG.....that is awesome! You did a great job on it. Thanks so much for sharing & welcome!

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Soonergirl, what an incredibly beautiful mosaic! I'm trying to build up my nerve to try a small project--I love mosaics but haven't done any since I was a kid.

May I ask you where you found the adorable pig you have in your yard? Some ladies in the kitchen forum have been hunting for a pig very similar to yours and haven't had much luck so far. TIA!

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Welcome Soonergirl. The pebble mosaic you have done is very professional and one to be proud of. You put most of us to shame. I have seen a book or two on pebble mosaic, but never one as well explained and the one you used. Carry on, you are doing great.

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Thanks, everyone!! It was a big project but so much fun. I hope to some day make another one but right now I am in a "concrete phase" and will start a concrete totem in the morning. So many projects... so little time! :)

flwrs n co - I actually inherited that pig from a friend who purchased a house where the previous owner had left it in the yard. She hated it - I loved it!! It weighs about 200 lbs!! I'm sorry I can't tell you where to find one. I actually tried to locate one on the internet and was unsuccessful.

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