Mosaic on Front Porch

bonnie_mosaicJune 29, 2008

Hello Everyone,

I stumbled across this website a few days ago and have spend HOURS looking at everything and reading all of the posts.

I took a mosaic class at a local community collage and loved it and have several ideas for projects.

One that I would like to try is to mosaic tiles on our front porch(painted concrete). In the class we used just a clear adhesive (Dap) as I was working with stained glass on glass. I am also in the middle of trying a terra cotta pot with broken dishes and now I want to try tile on the porch.

Would I use the same glue for the porch & tile as i did with the stained glass and the terra cotta? I saw thinset mentioned on one of the other posts and just wasn't sure.

Thank you for any information you can give.


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Hi, Bonnie!

While I haven't done outside tiling, I know you'll find your answers here. Welcome!

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You are soooooooo WELCOME, BONNIE. If I were doing your project, I'd use thinset. For all outside projects, I use thinset, and grout w/the same, to ensure adhesion and durability. It works well for me, even when using glass. Anxious to see your work - post pictures ASAP.

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Thank you for the information. We have a Habitat for Humantiy "re-store" here in Portland and they have a bunch of thinset and grout. I'll have to go see if I can find some for my project.

I would post pictures of my projects, but I'm not quite sure how to post the pictures.

I love looking at the photos of everyone's projects. The projects are beautiful and so very inspiring!

Thanks again!

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Hi Bonnie! yep I'd go with thinset too. You can post pics from photobucket with a free acct there

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Bonnie, I use Photobucket and it's easy. I played around for a long while wanting to post some pics and finally dove in. Try it! Once you upload your pics there, it's easy to put them here.

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Welcome to the group, Bonnie! I'm in the thinset corner, too, for outdoor mosaics. Got some grout at our Habitat re-Store a couple of weeks ago - gotta love the prices AND big bonus is the $ going to Habitat!

Looking forward to seeing your pics, too!


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Welcome Bonnie,

I would say me three for thinset. Best thing for outdoor mosaics.

and we LOVe pix, so don't be shy, this is one supportive group!

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