Does this Milgard pricing seem right?

mpg2004March 20, 2012


We discovered after we bought our house last fall that the 17 year old vinyl windows are failing. The glass units have shifted within the frames (one has gaps where I can see through to the outside and several are not far behind), the seals are failing, and dust blows inside whenever it's windy out. Turns out they were made by a company that is no longer in business b/c they made such a low quality window. We can have some of this repaired but since the cost is so close to new windows, we're leaning towards replacing the windows on the windy side of the house, which are the ones that are in the worst shape.

Anyway, I'm in eastern WA state and there aren't too many choices out here. The entire neighborhood seems to have vinyl windows, so I want to stay with that. I've gotten a quote from a local Milgard dealer for just shy of $7000 for Montecito windows installed with the suncoat max, argon gas & superspacer. There are 7 sliders (from 4x4 to 6x5) and 12 picture windows (2x4 and 2x5). They said it would be about $500 more to go with the Tuscany line, which we are thinking of doing for the window stops and glass breakage warranty, both of which are important to us with young kids in the house.

Does this quote seem about right for this brand of window? When I start adding up the # of windows, it seems low, but this is from a very reputable local company. My understanding is that for our area, the Milgard is the best quality vinyl window we can get through a local dealer.



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It does sound like it is on the low end, just make sure that price is "all-inclusive". Milgard is one of the more reputable choices in that region.

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That seems a bit on the low end to me as well, but that is Milgard home territory right there.


Get all the install details clarified and if the contractor is well vetted, that is a decent window.

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