Help! Sash Weight Pockets Full of Water!

greggz1959March 28, 2010

We installed 26 Marvin Aluminum Clad Wood Ultimate Insert windows in unflashed rough openings, according to Marvin instructions. Windows have flashing at top overlapping trim. We have been getting water infiltration through walls underneath bottom corners of windows. Outer exterior caulking appears to be okay. They used foam backer rod with thin layer of Titebond Weathermaster Sealant over it to caulk the perimeter. I removed interior window stop, stuck my hand into weight pocket chamber where they shoved in fiberglass insulation. The wood is wet in a run my hand as high as I can reach it into the chamber, I can feel that the wood is saturated, the entire back of outside trim board and along both sides, where seams are caulked on outside of house and perimeter of window. Could this be condensation that's trapped and can't get out? OR, is seal failing somehow on the outside and I can't see it? Sealant was applied cold time of year, and was exposed to heavy rain shortly after application. Also, it's a pretty thin layer of sealant. I am really worried about rot and mold. The windows were installed only 5 months ago. If seal is good, could condensation build up that much moisture? Or...they also caulked bottom of sill so wind driven rain could not penetrate. Are there weep holes here that should not have been closed in?

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Condensation/Humidity could easily be responsible for that much moisture.

I would have someone who is qualified to diagnose these type of issues look at the home.

What is the exterior of the come clad in?

What type of flashing was used? Drip edge?

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