How to sell a bottle of Dom Perignon 1985

peris14February 4, 2009

My friend wishes to sell a bottle of Dom Perignon 1985 for charity. As anyone any ideas on how to achieve this objective?

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First of all you should research to see if it is worth anything. Visit the GW thread below where a 1985 dom is discussed.

Then check out places like

I do not quite understand the term "sell it for charity". You mean something like put it in eBay and sell it, giving the money to some charity?

Are you talking about a 1985 Dom Perignon Etched Bottle Champagne worth thousands of dollars, or just a 1985 Dom Perignon like that you can get at any restaurant for a few hundred bucks? Do you know what you have? Has it been stored properly? Do you know it's full history?

Would it not be better to have an auction with bidders? Or build an event around it. Sell tickets to the auction with dinner and dancing. Have give-a-ways or drawings of other nice wines to entice people to buy the tickets. Have other wines auctioned off. Advertise the event. If you already have a charity in mind to give the money to, they will have a marketing team in place to organize such an event. If you are planning on doing this on your own, you need to have permission to use the charity's name in association with the sale.

If that sounds like too much work, find and ongoing event and offer to donate it for bidding.

The bottle better be good or you may end up in small claims court.

Here is a link that might be useful: GW Dom Thread

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krator(Toronto Canada)

I echo dilly-dally's comments. Yes, 1985 was a great year for champagne and that vintage is drinking at its peak right now. When it comes to selling it though, providence is very, very important. This may be "Dom" but its far from a super collectable. If you've never had aged champagne before, get some good glasses and drink it! If it was stored properly it will be a wonderful experience.
I had an '85 Veuve Cliquot "La Grande Dame" last year. It was fantastic.

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