Ply Gem Mira vs. Anderson Woodwright

templemorrisMarch 9, 2011


We're building a modular home and have to choose between these two types of windows. Any experience with either one?

We'd like to choose the more attractive and durable of the two. (Both are Energy Star, so that criterion has already been met.) In particular, I'm looking for a really nice interior with good, solid muntins.


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I would take the Woodwrights, the better and lesser of of 2 evils in my book.

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If you want to choose the more attractive of the 2, why don't you just look at them and decide for yourself? Beauty in the eye of the beholder etc.................

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Thanks so much for your reponses.

Skydawggy - Yes, of course you're right. I was just hoping to elicit as much as I could.

Millworkman - What do you mean by the lesser of two evils? I mean, I know these windows are hardly the best ones out there, but are they that bad?


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temple, I have sold windows and doors for years, although not currently. I was never a big fan of Andersen the products were always just ok to me. They seemed to always be behind on new products and technologies and the products were ok just ok, not great. Plygems in my opinion is a company I never had any use for, I never really sold their window products but I just did not like the company their products or the way they did business.

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I have had PlyGem windows in my home for 10 years and they look as well and perform as well as when they were installed. all of my windows are double hung except large fixed pane windows. The selling company and their installers were excellent. They went to great lengths to insulate the frames and caulk in and out.

Don't know millworkman's problem with PlyGem, but I certainly am happy with mine.

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Millworkman and Texasredhead,
Thanks so much for each of your replies! I'm pretty bummed about being limited to just Anderson and Ply Gem, but the budget just won't allow for higher end windows. I'll be sure to look again at the Ply Gem though. It's hard to compare the two, as I can't find them both in the same showroom!

Any other feedback out there? I'd love to hear more.

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What is your budget and why are you limited to just those 2 windows? Doesn't the builder work for YOU?

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May I suggest you ask the dealers for some customer references and ask if you can contact them and perhaps see what their windows look like installed. Some brands of windows have rather large frames which IMO look rather cumberson on the outside. This seems to be the case with some of the fiberglass windows I have seen.

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The problem is not the builder, but the budget. If we go with windows for which the factory (our's is a modular home)has an established vendor, it's significantly cheaper. Originally, I'd planned to get windows elsewhere, but the estimate just came in, and there's no more room in the budget.
Texasredhead, That's a great idea. I'll give it a try, just as soon as I find someone who sells Ply Gem.


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