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blm712(Pa.)January 4, 2006

We live very close to North East Pa. This year we decided to buy the Concord Grape juice in the big 5 gallon glass Carboy to save a lot of work, we loaded the empty carboys into the back of my van and went on our journey to the vinyard.The carboys made it over just fine.We got loaded and started back home, of course a different way, the first big curve in the road the two carboys tipped over(i never moved so fast in my life ) got them up righted ,lost about a gallon out of each one. We had quite a clean up when we got home. For weeks and weeks we had fruit flys and wine odors. My van will never be the same . Instead of the new car smell it has the old wine smell.Next year we are picking the grapes.Anyone have any stories to tell?

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fedup321(7 NC)

Yea...Don't ever bump two carboys togeather when moving them around..5 gals is hard to clean up.. even on a tile floor..Had to buy my wife a set of new towels, and it was hard as hell to match the white grout to a golden scuppernong color!!

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biblion(z6 CT)

Not as dramatic, but a few days ago I started a batch of OzarkMountainMan's ginger beer using a Wyeast liquid yeast in a foil packet, first time I 've used one of these. After activating the yeast and watching the packet blow up like a ballon, common sense should've told me to immerse it in the must---but hey, the picute on the package showed it being pured into a carboy---so I just oened it, and, sure enough, only about half the yeast made it into the primary. The rest sprayed all over the kitchen, and me.
But at least we have linoleum, so the grout didn't satin.

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