Trying to find a source for an rare variety

ricortesJanuary 6, 2010

I know this is a wine forum but it is a Garden Web so I though I would try.

Ego and curiosity sent me on a search for Cortese grape vines. I tried the usual suspects like Miller Nurseries and while they stock a lot of grapes, no Cortese vines.

Much as I know about it is that it is used to make a white wine Gavi, mostly in Italy. I found one grower in Santa Barbara that produces a wine made from the grapes but I am pretty sure they aren't involved in the nursery side. Does anyone have a lead on an importer or nursery that would stock this?


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Hello again.

I was kind of hoping for bare roots plants but I think I will just go for cuttings from UC Davis. I talked with them and was told they would still take an order, they normally have a Nov 15 deadline, because there didn't appear to be any other demand or cuttings reserved this year.

Only a minor set back in that it will take a little longer for them to get established. I am happy I found them at all!


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flatwoods_farm(9A Riverview, F)

The germplasm repository at Davis is part of a huge network of government plantings. Anyone can usually obtain free cuttings, postage paid, of almost any kind of useful plant- all because you are a taxpayer and the program uses your tax dollars. This is perhaps the best thing that most gardeners know nothing about. Paul.

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Rather than get fixated on an old obscure variety, I'd encourage you to sample a variety of lesser known varietal wines, and if you find one you really like check out the name of the grape used.
There has been an increase of planting Italian Varietals in Eastern WA, like Sangiovese and Barbara.
If you live back east, you will probably need to grow Hybrids anyhow, due to the disease pressure and phyloxerra.

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