Ferguson Windows Columbus Ohio Scam

JRV13March 15, 2011

Just a word of advice: Ferguson Windows of Cincinnati is trying to get a larger share of the Columbus Ohio market. They are going to houses like mine and offering a deal for being a "showcase" or "model" home to promote their windows. They say they will do a cost only deal to let other potential buyers view the windows. They are offering their Excalibur Alside windows in the deal. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! They are not offering any kind of deal at all and require you make a decision right after the pitch. They quoted me $3000 more than a more reputable, well known company which would include windows PLUS install. And mind you, Ferguson's deal was supposed to be COST ONLY. Just be informed and don't get scammed. Do your research on the Excalibur line as well. I'm irritated about the sales tactics more than anything else.

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Did you

1. Report this to the BBB?

2. Report this to your Attorney General's consumer fraud department?

And I thought all the old Tin and Glass men were dead. Nice to see the old traditions revived. This scam is as old as Egypt.

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I, too, was visited by a Ferguson representative who visited my home, but I had a much different experience! The sales rep did not pressure me at all and gave me a couple of days to compare prices. I found that the Ferguson offer was a very good one, considering the excellent quality of the windows. I chose to accept their offer and have been more than pleased with the result! Thirteen windows were installed in October 2010 and have proven to be an excellent value. The installers were were very professional and did the work quickly and well. Normally, I would not have listened to their offer, but it just happened that at the very time they showed up at my door I was looking for replacement windows.

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Seeing how this is your first post and the fact that you registered today. How about playing along (since it looks pretty apparent that you work for Ferguson) and humorous with the brand, type of window they used and how they were installed so that maybe we will have an idea of the scope of work that was performed rather than just a blanket statement.

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All companies have at least a few unhappy customers. The only thing worse than a bad review is trying to make it less so by posing as a consumer. That really says more about the company than the bad review.

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+1 to both posts above. I don't know the specifics of that particular company, but I highly encourage everyone to stay away from a company that uses dishonest tactics as described above. I don't know if "scam" is the right word, but it is certainly misleading and shady.

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They came out and gave us a quote. We have 13 windows and we were given a quote for about 7400 we could add in our sliding back door for another 1000 and another 400 if we wants grid designs on the window. No way that is cost!! We told the woman that came that it was way above cost and she came back with nothing just jetted out the door!

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13 windows and a patio door for $8400 installed?
Well, in my opinion, that's a fair price even for Alside windows. andi7486, you really don't know what your talking about. Renewal would have been $16K!

Now when it comes to the sales tactic, yes, that's very lame. It's the oldest pitch in the book, and is very dishonest. I will say this, though, just because their pitch is a crock, doesn't mean their price is out of line. I hate that "show home" lie, but companies use that (including Sears) to get people's attention. While it's BS, they didn't gouge you on the price.

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Right, they just started out by misrepresenting the value of their offer. How can you trust anything else they might say after that. Will they give you the window you select? Will you get the correct glass package? Will they address rotted wood issues?

The sooner consumers stop patronizing companies like this, the sooner the nonsense will end.

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I agree. But I've known guys trained in this pitch and that's all they know.
But yeah, ultimately I completely agree with you. However this is the world, and at my age I'm guessing that the nonsense will never end. lol. It just makes the good companies shine brighter.

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I was trained in that sales method, call the manager blah-blah-blah selling alum. replacements in 1986. You mean there is still someone using that BS out there? and the nut job who tried it is now having to use an ASSUMED NAME to get a job.

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