Poll. Do you all buy tile for a particular project OR??

mermaidmosaicsJune 14, 2008

Just an informal poll..

I was wondering how many of you buy special tiles for your projects?


If you all decide on projects based on the tiles you have available??


maybe a little bit of both???

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I ususally think I'm going to use something I have, then it doesn't look the way I thought and I end up buying stuff

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A little of both - Mostly based on what I have on hand.

Sometimes I will have a lot on hand for the inspiration of a project and need to pick up or make a little more something something in pottery to pull it all together

Great question !

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I just buy stuff I fall in love with, haul it home and when the "Idea" happens, I use "stuff" or look for more "stuff", and usually end up doing a few "things" all at the same time!lol!

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A little of both. When I finally decide on a project I look to see what I have and then order what I don't have.
I also buy stuff with no idea in mind cuz it's pretty, LOL!

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I started out buying for each project. Then after a while you start to build up a stash of left overs along with the odd TS plates and also boughts (where you might as well add that to the order just to see, or it was on sale,,,)

Pretty soon you're drowning in your stash and start looking to use it up just so you won't feel guilty next time your order something.

The box that I'm doing right now consists of a tile that I won in an art contest, left over glass from old projects, extra mirror tiles from my last "thing", clay that I had and a few pieces of a tile that just came in a mix that I "also bought" when maryland mosaics had a recent sale! lol

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Even though I am fairly new to this addiction, I buy STUFF cuz it's pretty, and I just know I will use it, and then find out that it just doesn't quite fit project, so I have to buy some new STUFF, and meanwhile there is just a great sale, that I have to take advantage of , and now I dont' know where I am going to put all this STUFF!!! LOL. I have to figure out a way to Organize.

And course, I need more tools to go with the new tools I got

I am going to have to start selling on ebay again to make money to buy more STUFF.

This STUFF is getting out of hand!!! ROFL

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I too buy and find all kinds of "stuff" that catches my eye.
Then I stand in the garage, scratching my head, staring at all the stuff and hopefully something pops into my head!

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I buy and stash "stuff" as I see it because I use all recycled plates and pieces and can't expect to find them if I just go looking. There's plenty of inspiration for me in my garage corner at any time.

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Seems we are all stashers of STUFF with good intentions ">)

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"Pretty soon you're drowning in your stash" lol lol
That's me !!! help help help.. someone throw me a lifesaver!!!
ahhhh and those "good intentions" will lead us to ____ !!

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we go on vacation and dh says... hey, let's sell all of our stuff and move here....I come home and look at all my stuff I've accumulated and CANNOT part with it... IT IS MY STUFF...and someday I will put it all to use...but not today...it took a long time to build up that stash...I go, it goes...

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Unfortunately, I have to buy most of my tiles/glass for each project. I have checked GS & TS but there is very little in the way of interesting plates/tiles/objects in my area. Most of the stuff I find around here are neutral in color.....how boring it that! I live in a rural area so tile sources are very limited.

Although I might have a new source for stain glass leftovers. I found out a neighbor down the street has a side business of making & repairing stain glass.

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Oh!!! Sereneseen, give that nice new fav neighbor a call!!!heh heh!!!

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