What are you using to ferment your fruit in?

berk(6 MO)January 30, 2009

Hello, Just wondering what sort of container you are using for fermenting your fruit in.

We have a 15 gal. crock for now but have borrowed it from a friend.

Our friend has now decided he would like to try making wine too so we need to return it to him.

The problem is the place he bought it no longer sells them and I have no idea what else I could use.

We make 5-6 gallons at a time.

Thanks for your help.

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fedup321(7 NC)

berk, A food grade plastic bucket is what I use. Any winemaking equipment store has them. I take it that your from Missouri as your page indicates. Here is a link from you state...There are cheaper one available..

Here is a link that might be useful: Fermenting bucketl

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berk(6 MO)

Thanks for the link and I will show it to my husband. I had never seen a bucket one like that before, so it may be just what we need now.

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I use food grade plastic buckets that I get free from a bakery. They get icing in 3 gal. buckets. After cleaning thoroughly they work fine and the price is right. Check with bakeries, restaurants, etc. in your area. You can find them in 5 gal. also. Just stay away from pickle buckets....hard to gtet the pickle smell out.

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I use 55gal. barrels that have only had carmel coloring in them, no flavorings. I cut the inside of the top out and use a sheet to keep fruit flys out.

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gardengrl(Northern Virginia)

Yes Berk, and FOOD grade 5-gal bucket will do. Do not use a non-food grade plastic bucket, as it can not only affect the taste of your wine, but it can potentially be unsafe.

If you're in Missouri, there's quite a bit of vine country out there with wine/brew hobby stores. I used to travel to St. Louis for work and would go vinyard hoping when I had time.

Have fun!

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