Solution for high heeled shoes sinking into grass

gellchomDecember 30, 2009

This is going to sound like spam, but it's not -- I have no interest in the company. But I remembered a string here some time ago in which the MOB was trying to figure out how to word an invitation to warn the women that the reception would be out on the grass, so they could plan their shoes accordingly.

I found a product that slips onto the ends of high heels (they have to be very narrow heels) and protects them. They have some sort of special discount for bridal parties.

They come in black and clear, and since you get free shipping if you buy 2 or more pairs, I bought one of each; I figured I could give one to my daughter. Each pair costs about $10, which is about what it costs to repair one shoe one time, so I do think they are well worth it.

They really are good. They were a godsend when we went to a wedding a couple of weeks ago in Florida that had two events where I had to keep walking across grass. I also like them for the neighborhoods in my city with cobblestone streets and for our driveway, which is crushed brick. They don't even look bad; I often just leave the black ones on when I get to my destination, especially if I'm wearing pants. I bought some for a friend's birthday, too, and she seemed pleased.

I also like that they come with a little plastic snap cover, so you can put them in your pocketbook when you remove them without getting everything dirty and having to dig around for them when it's time to go.

There may be other brands, but the ones I got are called "Solemates." You can buy them at their web site.

Here is a link that might be useful: here is the company's web site

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Thanks for passing on the information. My concern with walking on grass in high heels is with balance and what it does to the grass, especially if the grass is the least bit damp.

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These things supposedly help a little bit with balance, too, because they enlarge the surface somewhat. I had less trouble walking across the grass than usual, although I'm not sure how much of that was just because I didn't have to try to protect my shoes. I don't know how much it helps the grass; seems like it might, especially if it's not wet. I really was just thinking about not spoiling my shoes; I've wrecked so many on cobblestones and sidewalks.

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Wear flats.

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But how unrealistic was the photo of the red spikes teeing up on the golf course?
Like THAT happens!

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Anybody who wears heels to an event held on grass has to be daft. How can you enjoy yourself if you are trying to keep heels from sinking into the lawn. I gave up wearing heels 30 years ago and my feet thank me for it. There are many attractive dressy flats or some that have a miniscule heel. They look just as good and don't ruin the feet that you have to walk on for the rest of your life.

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Guests don't always know in advance that they will be in such situations. I didn't, so I was really glad I brought those covers.

In any event, whether or not high heeled shoes are a good idea (on grass or otherwise) is not the point of this string. I was just sharing a product I found that is very helpful when you do choose to wear them when you may have to walk on grass, cobblestones, etc.

Ridiculing people who wear high heels or even saying something like "wear flats" (as if that weren't an obvious possibility) is what is known as "thread cra**ing" -- like responding to a question about wedding planning with something like "Marriage is an outdated institution!" or "You'd have to be insane to waste money on a fancy wedding!" It's poor forum etiquette; please don't do it.

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Both my dd and I are wearing ballet slippers. They look like flats, and are great for the long day and night dancing. We are both wearing long gowns that will cover them anyway. She does have sexy shoes she will wear for the pictures...

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