ULC Wedding??

JeffLongDecember 10, 2005

Has anybody here had a ULC minister perform at their wedding? My wife's coworker's brother wants to do our wedding, and he got ordained on their church website at www.ulc.org.

The site seems pretty fishy to me in that you can take five minutes to fill in your personal info, and poof, you're a minister. But they've been around since the 60's, so I'm not sure what to think.

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Talk to the folks where you get your marriage licence. If it is legal where you are, they will know.

If your question is other than legal, then you will have to decide for yourselves if this is an organization/person that you personally feel qualified to perform the ceremony for you.

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"My wife's coworker's brother wants to do our wedding ..."

If she is already his wife, why do they need someone to perform a marriage ceremony?

This sounds like it might be another fake "come-look-at-my-web-site" post -- and -- surprise! -- he first registered as a member the day he posted it.

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...serisouly? I signed up the same day I posted too, since I signed up because I had a question.

Anyway, the fact that you already have a wife would seem weird, except that I know a lot of girls with boyfriends in the military and a lot of times they have a simple ceremony first, then when he gets back home have a "real" wedding.

Anyway, I'm going to have to agree with what was said above because...where'd he go?

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If this is a true post, he could have omitted the word "future" when he mentioned wife.

In my state it is legal for someone "ordained" through the Universal Life Church to perform a wedding, though it isn't in every state. What is important is the ceremony and how the person will conduct it. Just because a person has a piece of paper saying that they can perform a wedding doesn't mean that they know how to perform one. Time needs to be spent with the person to plan the wording of the ceremony and exactly what the couple want to happen.

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