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froggy05December 2, 2004

I have an appointment made with my florist but I am not sure what i wnat for the bouquets...we are using calla lillies as the theme flower but I am stuck on accents. Our colors are purple and silver...any suggestions?

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Calla lillies are so beatiful by themselves. You may want to showcase them by not using other flowers. Instead you could use really lush greens in the bouquet. That will make the lily stand out more.

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Your florist has speant many years studying bridal bouquets and I'll bet has made a lot...
Why not ask him for suggestions?
Linda C

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When you go to the florist see how this might look. Just put together a bunch of the lilies and leave the stems a bit longer than ususal. You could have them tied with beautiful satin ribbons of silver and purple. NancyLouise

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I am using calla lilys as my bouquet, too. Since they are such elegant flowers, they can stand alone. Here is how mine will be arranged: three large callas on one side, staggered with two on the other.

It will be off-white flowers, tied with a 2" wide bow with streamers. It will be turned into a cascade bouquet by adding variagated ivy, extending downward about 24 inches. My florist made up a sample and it is stunning. The groom will wear a boutineer of a single calla, surrounded by ivy. I will use colored callas and ivy for the attendants and tables.

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I'm seeing a really full rounded bouquet of white baby's breath with sprigs of purple statice popping throughout the bouquet & 1 calla lilly in the center and lots of silver knotted ribbons hanging from the bouquet!

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Calla lilies don't need anything to add to their beauty other than a ribbon around the stems. Your florist can show you pictures of designs. If you like a clean-lined look, calla lilies are perfect for that.

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