Please help with grille pattern choices

tabbaldwinMarch 4, 2010


We have to decide on our windows this week. Here is the current elevation (default). I couldn't scan the large paper, so I snapped a pic with the cell phone, but I think you can see enough detail.....

I think the front of the house looks okay with 6-over-6 like shown, but the backside of the house looks very busy with all those windows. Our custom builder says he's built houses where the homeowner wanted different windows in back, especially if they had a nice view and wanted it unobstructed. We do have a nice view--down through trees to a pond.

I kind of like the look of 6-over-clear. What do you think about mixing these styles? Or, do you think the front would look okay with 6-over-clear also? But then, I don't know how the fixed window over the foyer would look in another style or what.

Oh the decisions....!!!....and they're just starting. Ugh.

Thank you for your opinions, thoughts, suggestions.


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I think the 6/1 would look fine on both the front and the back of the house. On the fixed arch top on the front you could take a custom grill pattern and put at the height of the check rail a simulated check rail to keep the look of the 6/1 on the rest of the windows in the house

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Thanks Gale. I'll drive around looking for foyer windows to try and find something like that.

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Hi Tracey,

I am curious what did you end up choosing? I am faced with the exact same dilemma!!


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