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SarbeDDecember 27, 2005

My daughter is getting married in January at a local Country Club. Do I need to tip the banquet co-ordinator? She is not a wedding planner. If so, how much. She is going to help set up, cut the cake, etc... We are doing a sit down dinner with 150- 175 people. Also, do what about the DJ? He is being paid a fee already. THANKS

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Generally, you do not tip the DJ, photographer, florist, cake baker, or videographer. The banquet coordinator actually gets a portion of the gratuity that should be included in your bill. In my area, the banquet coordinator gets 3% of the gratuity and the remainder is shared with the servers and kitchen help. You can give her a separate tip in addition if she does an excellent job.

The people that are commonly tipped are limo drivers, valet parking attendants, and hair dressers. Personal coordinators are often tipped as well. Anyone who provides service above and beyond what you expect, or who helps with a difficult situation, should be tipped.

Be aware that bartenders will usually add a gratuity to your bill and, IN ADDITION, place a glass or bowl on the bar for tips from your guests. If you don't want them to collect from your guests, be sure to let them know. Many people find this tacky.

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I agree strongly with Sweet Pea's last comment. I think it is terribly inappropriate for bartenders (or anyone else) to put out a tip jar at a reception (or any other private party where they are paid by the hosts). They should not be trying to make money off the guests -- guests shouldn't pay for anything. I have seen this only once or twice, and I thought it looked really horrible. Bear in mind also that if you let the bartenders do this at your reception, some of your guests might even think that they are doing it with your blessing (or even that it was your idea) so that your guests, not you, will have to pay the bartenders. Of course that's not true, but why risk having anyone think that? I would be sure to tell the coordinator, caterer, or whoever is in charge that it is important to you that there be no tip jars anywhere.

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